Monday, October 06, 2008

what a concept

I tried something new this weekend. Something so outside the box for me, that it felt strange doing it.

I stayed off the internet. Completely. (okay, I checked email once on Saturday, but other than that, completely off)

If you follow me on Twitter, you know how absolutely tied to the internet I am. It's a sickness. But I decided on Friday night that this weekend was going to be I-Free because I needed to branch out. I needed to step outside my box. I needed a change up.

It's amazing the things I got done.

  1. I saw both of my kids' soccer games
  2. Went to a birthday party
  3. Had afternoon drinks with my girlfriends
  4. I watched part of the Razorback football game (couldn't stomach the whole thing)
  5. I cleaned the kitchen
  6. Did all the boys' laundry
  7. Plotted out a new scene in current WIP
  8. Got new tires and front end alignment on the Prelude
  9. Went to the grocery store
  10. Made chili
  11. Made spice cake
  12. Caught up on my Tivo'd shows
Okay, that's a lot of stuff. And not once did I miss the internet. Okay, that's a lie. I totally wanted to tweet but decided I needed to take a break from it all.

Do you ever find yourself in a weekend rut? Is there any way you could take a weekend off from status quo?


  1. Yeah.. this is a timely post. I did the same but only on Sunday and actually painted the mailbox!

    Here's the next big thing... a treadmill with wireless internet access. Then we could at least be burning a few calories!

  2. I'm actually trying to spend less time online too. It just saps the hours away.

  3. You guys have probably noticed, I do this more and more.

    I take the middle of the week off, or I limit my net time to 45 minutes-- Fictionistas, Divas, Sceptic's Tank and email. Then I log off and stay off.

    It usually means I am working furiously. :)

  4. I take weekend breaks every once in a while and do nothing but lay around and read. It's lovely, but not something I can do all the time.

    As for taking the weekend off from the Internet, I do that most weekends. Why/how? Well, I'll let you in on a secret. Mr. Brice & I *gasp* don't have internet access at home. It's such a time-suck that I would get nothing done if we did have it, so I love this option. We can only use the internet at work, at Panera or at the library. It's great. Very liberating.

  5. No internet at home? *gasp*

    Not. an. option. Fishdog works from home so we has to have it.

    I can't imagine doing the internet free thing more than occasionally. It is an addiction I don't want to give up.

  6. WOW, good call. I've found that I get a lot more done when I unplug from the mother ship. LOL

  7. I had no internet or cell phone from Sunday evening through Friday afternoon. I thought it would be hard, but it was really nice. Except we kept finding things we wanted to google on our trip and I don't remember any of them now.