Tuesday, October 07, 2008

School Lunch

I admit, when it came to eating lunch in high school, I was a bit odd. See, I transferred to public high school from private school late in the 9th grade year. The cafeteria scared the daylights out of me. I had no idea how it operated. I'd never been to one!

So, I opted to bring something from home and eat it in the library. No, we weren't allowed to eat in the library, but I wasn't exactly having a foot long from Subway, either. Usually snack crackers or granola bars or something easy to munch undercover. I spent a lot of time reading that way too.

Eventually, I had friends who took me under their wing and brought me into the cafeteria, but I don't remember much beyond the salad bar and a scoop of tuna on top of that salad. What did kids eat for lunch from the cafeteria besides that? I have no idea.

What did you eat for lunch in high school? Favorite? Least favorite?


  1. I actually ate 3 different things on a regular basis from our lunch line.

    Frito Chili Pie (mmmm)
    Salad (they had a surprisingly yummy salad so I ate that two or three times a week to offset the other two lunch choices)

    My kids both like to eat in the cafeteria. Their favorite day is Pizza Day of course.

  2. I know I bought lunch occasionally, but I honestly have no recollection of what I might have bought. I know they had the yucky frozen pizza, which I ate in elementary school, but decided was disgusting by high school. I think they had a soup and sandwich combo that I got occasionally.

    I think I mostly brought lunch, actually.

  3. Anonymous12:48 PM

    I read your comments, and knowing how gorgeous you are, am astounded by all your high school stories. I can't believe you were such an outsider, unpopular with the guys, etc.

    BUT, I ate in the cafeteria every day. Usually cheeseburgers. No salad bar. The pizza was always questionable. Most days were "mystery meat." I used to get scared when I saw a dead dog or cat in the road...wondered if we would have "MM" for lunch the next day! LOL And yes, I sat at the "cool table"...and yes, we were a group of bitches. but damn, we had fun! :)

  4. People ate lunch at your high school cafeteria? By HS only the crazy (brave)kids had lunch at our school. The "cool" kids went with sandwiches and chips from home and soda.

  5. I high school me and my buddies hopped in our cars and headed for fast food paradise.

  6. When I was in elementary school I loved the pizza and the grilled cheese w/ tomato soup.

    In high school, they made killer chef salads and turkey on a kaiser roll sandwiches. :)

  7. I used to drink a milkshake every day. My high school had the best thick chocolate milkshakes. Yum.

  8. dude, my favs were pizza and burritos. LOL. And they always served corn with the rectangle slices of pizza for some reason.

  9. I had pizza every day. Every single day, except for freshman year when I had yogurt because Tori Griffith always had yogurt so I thought that meant it was cool. Only my parents always bought the healthy brand that tasted like plain yougurt with fruit at the bottom. It was like they were purposely thwarting my attempts at fitting in.