Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Funny Halloween Stories

I remember one Halloween probably 10 years ago, I'd decided it would be fun to scare the teens who came to my door asking for candy. So, when I heard the doorbell ring, I flung the door open and screamed as loud as I could...only to see they were, in fact, NOT teenagers.

It was a group of 3-4 year-olds.

And they all started bawling, freaked out by my screaming. I felt so bad, I gave them each a big handful of candy. Yeah, never tried that brilliant idea again.

Another Halloween, when I was in high school, a group of friends and I decided we were going on a ghost run. I lived in Louisville, KY during this time, and they have a ghost run every year (at least, I think they still do...?). Basically, everyone goes to a parking lot and are given clues on how to navigate your way, via car, to a haunted house. You go through the haunted house and are given your next set of clues to the next house, and so on.

I have no idea what awaited everyone at the end, because we never made it there. We made it to the first haunted house, got our set of clues to house #2, but got utterly, utterly lost, out in the middle of rural Kentucky in the pitch-black dark.

Oh, and the car I was driving had the driver's side window broken (it wouldn't roll down), so we were lost in the middle of rural Kentucky, in the freezing cold, WITH the window down. And two of my friends were dating, so they were making out in the backseat while my high-school bff and I were up front trying navigate our way out of there. FUN. haha

When I tried to turn around in someone's driveway, I ended up hitting their mailbox, and one of the hubcaps flew off the car. At that point, we decided to just go home. haha. I didn't tell my folks about the mailbox/hubcap incident until many years later.

So, what about you--got any funny Halloween stories?


  1. Why do neither of these surprise me? LOL

    I told my funny yesterday. I'm tapped.

  2. LOL! Rhonda, you crack me up!

    Let's Halloween night in high school (okay every Halloween night in H.S.) a group of us wold pick a target and TP their house and Fork their yard. On this particular night, we chose a boy we had a crush on...this boy also happened to be the son of my hairdresser.

    We got his house rolled and we were to the point where we were forking the yard when the outside lights came on. There was NOWHERE to hide. Most everyone scattered but I was stuck...So I jumped into the flowerbed and pressed myself against the wall in the shadows while my hairdresser and her hot son spent fifteen minutes on the front porch assessing the damage. 5 feet away from me.

    Their dog was inside the house and going nuts. Apparently the dog knew I was still outside because I could hear him barking at the wall directly behind me.

    I held my cool and finally they went inside. Then I took off.

    Ironically, I had a hair appt just a few days later and I had to hold my cool again while my hairdresser went on and on about Halloween Hoodlums. LOL

  3. OK, I'll bite Mel... how does one fork a yard?

    My mischief growth must be stunted!

  4. My halloween pranks are generally directed at my children. Especially my daughter. Poor kid.

    I have a cute story though. About the year my dog fell in love with a fairy. This cute little girl in a fairy costume came to the door, all glittery and pink, and my dog--who loves kids and answering the door--looked back at me like she was saying, "Can we keep her?". Libby, the dog, then nuzzled the little girl and tried to leave with them. It was quite sweet. The girl loved her back too. They stayed on our porch for quite a while.

  5. Kristen--yeah, I'm crazy that way. LOL

    Mel--that's HILARIOUS. I can just see the scene with you pressed against that wall, sweating bullets...and then getting your hair done by the house owner. LOL!!

    Linda--I never did a lot of mischief, either. I just accidentally did stupid stuff. ROFL

    Gwen--oKAY, that is so stinking cute!

  6. Gerb--forking is so much fun. Its a little time consuming but totally worth it.

    It works best if there are at least 4 in the group, that way you can quadrant off the yard.

    Each person has several boxes of plastic forks. In the cover of night, you each take a section of yard and fill it up with forks by sticking them into the ground. It's awesome because the person you forked has a huge clean up...and it's always the kids who have to clean totally worth the effort.

  7. I was never one for being a hoodlum (in fact my parents forbade it). So one year a friend of mine and i (we were around 6th grade) tried to come up with something to do that was "naughty". All we had in the house was we ran around sticking toothpaste under door handles and baby powdering the neighbor's yard. Little did we know that morning dew completely erased all evidence of our escapades. It looked like serious dandruff the night before though....

  8. You mean you literally stick forks in the yard??? Bizarre.

    Funny stories, Rhonda!

    I'm not sure I have any funny Halloween stories. OK, yes I do. One year in college I went as Monica Lewinski. I even put a stain on my Gap dress. I peeled off the top of a yogurt container and smushed that onto my dress to create the stain.

    I was quite the hit. Problem is...yogurt starts to smell after a while. BADLY.

  9. Amanda, next time use toothpaste...

  10. Well, I doubt I'll have a need of putting a similar stain on a dress in the future, but point well taken, Mel.