Saturday, October 18, 2008

Writer? High School? Not So Different After All

Hi, I’m Bria from Luv YA and I can’t tell you how excited I am to visit at Fictionistas. They are the cool kids and all. Which got me to thinking…Writing. High School…Not so different.

Check it out.

1. The In-Crowd
A word about high school, writing and life in general: there’s always a cooler table, no matter who you are. From here, I can see the agented tables, the published tables and one day a table up on a stage as The Guest Author.

Of course, I’m a huge believer in just deciding my table IS the cool table. Yeah, that typically works for me. And, just like high school, I love my table but there’s always a bit of table envy going on. I mean, can’t I sit over there with Meg Cabot?

2. Homework
Every once in awhile a new book comes out and everyone – I mean EVERYONE – is saying you HAVE to read this book. And I think, “Oh, I have to read that book.” But here comes the kicker…Now that I’m writing, I can’t just read the book. I have to study it.

Sound familiar?

Doesn’t the idea of having to do something for your own good always snatch a bit of the joy. Of course, just like with those books in school, most of the time I end up doing that shout-at-myself-in-my-head thing, “Why didn’t I read this sooner???”

Confession time: This weekend I will finally begin ‘Wicked Lovely’ – mock me now.

3. Class pictures
You get all spiffed up. You have some stranger sit you in front of a pull down “nature” backdrop. He takes your picture. They put it in a book. People hand you the book and ask you to sign it.

You thought the dreaded yearbook picture experience was over. Not if you want to be a writer!

4. Boys.
While I haven’t met a lot of boys while writing, I do spend a lot of time THINKING about boys and scribbling little thoughts about them…um, hey. That seems to also be a lot like high school. More time THINKING about boys. Writing about boys. Looking up boys on the internet. Checking out boys…Of course, it’s all in the name of research. Yeah, um, research. Research on how to write those boy characters.

So…I’m going to go do some more research now. Thanks for letting me visit ladies!


  1. Fortunately for me, high school was no biggie. I wasn't the most popular, and I wasn't the biggest dork...I made friends with everyone and still had a few people not like me. That was okay, too. Wow, yup, just like being part of the writing community. :D

    Great blog, Bria

  2. Great post, Bria! So true.

  3. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Table envy. That's classic. Great post, Bria.


  4. So true, Bria. And don't we always say, I wish I knew then, what I know now? It's kinda cool to realize that even though I have a lot of the same insecurities now that I did then, now I know they're crap and I can (mostly!) get over them, if I try. Plus, my thoughts about boys have reached a whole new level!

  5. Bria, I've never read anything more true... well not in the last five minutes lol. Seriously though, high school for me sucked. Well, the first two years did and I went through all of the above mentioned. I hated every single one of my high school yearbook photos. I mean seriously, is there anything more evil? And the boys, don't even get me started. I was crazy about them then and I still am today. ;)

    Great post lady. *smoochies*

  6. I'm glad you're seeing it Betty!

    Thanks Kristen :)

    Come on Mamad, you KNOW you have table envy *wink*

  7. Thanks for visiting us Bria! You are always welcome at the Fictionista table!

    And yeah, writing is like high school. Except now, instead of wondering if my hair and outfit will impress a boy, I'm constantly tweaking a manuscript to impress an agent.
    "Do you think these jeans make me look fat?" has become "Do you think he'll connect with my narrative?"

  8. KB - I'd love to hear about those new levels!

    My darling Lauren :)I'm glad i'm the most impressive thing in this 5 min period!

  9. LOLOLOL hilarious post. Thanks for guest posting with us, Bria!!! :D

  10. Great post, Bria! There's still nothing wrong with just lookin'. :)

    Loved the insights.

  11. Christina_Castle5:00 PM

    LOVE your post Bria!! :)

  12. Thanks for the funny flashback! Homework is so much more fun now.

    You get an A+ from me, Bria.


  13. Great post, Bria! You found some really interesting parallels...and yeah, I do spend a lot of time thinking about boys...and doodling their names in notebooks...but the reasons are different now *lol*

  14. Lots and lots of time thinking about cute boys and imagining they all are in love with me...

    Great post, Bria!

  15. OH, thanks ladies! I had a wonderful time visiting and I'm sure that all those boys you're doodling about our dreaming over are doing the same thing!

    bria :)

  16. I've often said that law school was very similar to high school, as well...given that I'm a lawyer who writes YA...I guess it all makes sense!

  17. This is a stitch! I'd never, EVER, go back to high school again, but maybe I can get cosmically right by handling the whole writing gig better. Karma...