Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm a man, baby!

Halloween [hal-uh-ween, -oh-een, hol-]– noun the evening of October 31; the eve of All Saints' Day; Allhallows Eve: observed esp. by children in costumes who solicit treats, often by threatening minor pranks

As a kid, I wasn't allowed to trick or treat, which wasn't that big a deal. I don't regret it. I think Halloween is much more an adult adventure anyway. Should kids really be given unlimited amounts of sugar? Or do adults send their kids out to collect the stash for their own personal enjoyment? Perhaps that's it. Anyway, I digress.

One of my favorite adult Halloween moments is from when I lived in NYC. The yearly parade in the Village is something to behold, I promise. Anyone in costume is welcome to march and the crowd easily swells to the 100,000 mark and beyond. There is nothing you won't see. Even amidst this amazing spectacular, my friend (dressed as a black leopard) and I (dressed as a spotted leopard in a vintage '50's leopard dress, thigh-high black suede boots, tail, ears and full makeup with my hair teased into a huge mane) managed to get noticed.

A group of Japanese businessmen (In suits - that part kills me. Why didn't they dress up?) stopped us, took our picture, took their pictures with us, then asked me if I had any pictures of what I looked like as a man. As a man? Yep. They thought I was a drag queen.

Now, really, how much more successful can a costume be? (And no, that pic isn't me, but it's pretty close. *sigh* I wish I still had those pics...)


  1. Oh, my gosh, that is too funny!

  2. Funny that they thought you were a man. Too bad you do not have those pics.

  3. Only you.

    My parents waffled a lot of halloween. But one I remember was them putting me in a dog zip up costume and my undwerware's elastic was shot. So with every step the underware fell down and the only thing holding them up was the crotch of the costume.

    Actually, I rememer that fondly. Hence the little twisted part of my personality.

  4. OMG that's hilarious...it's probably because you're so tall, LOL.

    Dude, honestly, I've seen you--how in the world can someone mistake you for a man?!?!

  5. Hilarious! You could make so much money fooling people and going around singing. Just crazy.

  6. It must be the height. There's no way anyone would mistake you for a man.

    I'm dying of laughter though. Too funny!

    And I totally agree. Halloween is way more fun as an adult than as a kid.

  7. Wait. You're NOT a man? You wait til now, on a blog, to tell me?

    I thought we were friends.


    It HAD to be your height. You're way too pretty to be even a really good drag queen.

  9. Okay that's just frickin' awesome. ROTFLMAO!

  10. OMG that's too funny. And Mel's response made me snicker too. ;)

    My favorite Halloween memories are when I went to Chico State and they would close down the streets so all the costumed, drunk college students could wander aimlessly. Sooo much fun. Sooo many cool costumes! Ah, the good ol' days.

  11. So instead of Victor/Victoria we could make Kristen/Kristopher?

  12. I just finished watching a tv special on the history of Halloween and they should a clip of the parade in NY. It looked like a blast. You must of have sooo much fun.