Friday, October 10, 2008's sweetest reward.

As you read this, I am on vacation and have not had access to the internet for five days. (Unless I want to pay $1 a minute, which I don't). I am currently on a cruise in the Straits of Juan de Fuca, though I will be back sometime the day you read this.

So, here is a quiz to see how well you know me.

What happened on my vacation?

1. Did I get seasick enough to throw up? Y or N

2. How many pages did I write? (Bonus if you guess how many WIP's I spread those pages out over because I sorta get sidetracked easily)

3.Did I convince my husband to participate in one of those wacky "Newlywed" type games where we have to get on a stage? (He's very shy, but I'm very persuasive)

4. How many times did we get room service instead of going to the dining room?

5. How many books did I finish reading? (hint: I LOADED my ebook reader before we left)

6. Did I crack any stupid "Love Boat" jokes to the crew despite my better judgement?

7. How many outfits did I overpack by?


  1. TEE HEE--well, I don't know the answers, but I'm looking forward to hearing them!!

    HAVE FUN!!

  2. I hope you're having an awesome time!

  3. 1. N

    2. 10 pages, 2 books.

    3.No because even tho you're persuasive, you wouldn't torture your one true love like that on holiday. (I swear, i didn't even laugh when I typed this)

    4. once

    5. 4

    6. Yes, because you just couldn't help yourself. My guess is you went for the "Issac the Bartender" joke.

    7. 6

    Hope you're having a blast. not jealous at all over here.

  4. 1. No
    2. None?
    3. No
    4. twice
    5. depends on the length of the ebooks...if novellas, maybe as many as 9. If novels, I'd say 3, and working on a 4th
    6. Of course...duh
    7. How many days were you gone? That many

  5. I did not get seasick at all. Yay!

    I wrote 25. Words, not pages. I finally took an hour to find a quiet spot on the ship and then they decided to have a hip hop dance lesson there.

    I didn't see any whacky games anywhere in the program. I never could have gotten him up there anyway.

    We did not order room service one time. I don't know why. We could have--but it just never worked out.

    I read one and a half books. Well okay, one full book and one half of three other books. I told you about my concentration issues, plus I sometimes am in the mood for YA, sometimes something else. So I am currently reading a historical (really good Victoria Alexander), a YA (really good Meg Cabot), and a mostly silly contemp from Harlequin.

    No Love Boat jokes. But I did dream about Isaac.

    I actually UNDERPACKED. By a whole day. I was trying to pare down my suitcase before we left and I succeeded. I pared down so much that I packed for four days instead of five. It's okay, though, because I am pretty creative when I want to be. I managed to dress up an outfit for dinner so that I didn't look to gauche.

    And I am a little miffed. I have been sitting on the couch for over an hour and nobody has offered me something to eat or a drink from the bar. This being a home business is going to take some getting used to.