Monday, October 13, 2008

that timeless question

If you were stranded on an island, what 3 albums would be essential to have on your iPod. (okay, we're going to just go with the idea that by the time you're stranded on an island, iPods will be solar powered)

My answers change every year. (Technically the question changes every year, too. In the 80s we said 'records' or 'cassettes' in the 90s we said CDs and now we say iPod/MP3. Who knows what's next?)

So way back when during the 80s I would've said:
  1. Van Halen 5150
  2. Led Zepplin Houses of the Holy
  3. Beastie Boys License to Ill
I would say all three of those albums would still be on my top 10 list.

Then came the 90s and my list changed slightly.
  1. Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears
  2. Dokken Back for the Attack
  3. Ocean Blue The Ocean Blue
And now, here we are in 08 and my list has changed...again. Probably several times. But as of today, these are the 3 albums I wouldn't want to be stranded on an island without:

  1. Staind Chapter V (plus a bonus song from another album because it's one of my faves ever and I can't imagine being stranded without being able to listen to It's Been Awhile
  2. The Catch and Release Soundtrack
  3. Buckcherry 15
Has your musical tastes changed over the years or are you just now figuring out what type of music you're most drawn to? I'm across the board and always have been. You're likely to find a combination of Beatles, Led Zepplin, various 90s Hair Metal Bands, Faith Hill, Avril Lavigne, plus all the above on my iPod. It's never boring when I hit 'shuffle.'

What three albums would you take to the island with you today? Were they different 10 years ago?


  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Mine would be:

    1. Alice in Chains - Dirt
    2. Vivaldi
    3. Kid Rock - Devil Without a Cause

  2. OMG I dunno. I'd probably have to do a triplet of collections of mixed artists.

    Best Southern Fried Rock
    Best of the 80s
    Best Ballads

    Although if I am going on a trip I always take the Eagles collection, Van Morrison, and Joan Osbourne.

  3. OH DUDE, this is too hard.

    Here are three that would be in my top list...but again, it would be so hard to narrow it down:

    Coldplay -- Parachutes

    The Frey -- How To Save a Life

    Genesis -- Platinum Collection, disc 2

    I listen to those a LOT, so they would be a pretty fair compilation for me. And that's vastly different than what I would have put 10 years ago:

    Sarah McLachlan -- Fumbling Towards Ecstacy

    Jewel -- Pieces of You

    Sting -- Fields of Gold (greatest hits)

    Dude, good question. Killer hard! I'd miss Maroon 5, Gwen Stefani, Death Cab for Cutie, Chicago, SO many artists!! WAH!!

  4. waaaaaaaah

    This is tough. And why I always ask people in interviews the same question.

    Lets see.

    Remy Zero--Villa Elaine
    Best of Heart
    Best of Eagles

    and I'd cry everyday for Def Leppard and ACDC.

  5. I hear ya. I'd cry for Radiohead -- The Bends. I may have to bump someone out of my lineup. LOL

  6. This is almost impossible. Off the top of my head, without too much thinking, I'm going to have to say...

    Peter Gabriel
    Micheal Buble
    Tina Turner

    And yet, that leaves out Johnny Lang, Annie Lennox and Etta James. I am whipsawed with doubt.

  7. I would negotiate for bands instead of just CDs.

    Dave Matthews Band
    30 seconds to mars

  8. Dana's cheating! ;-)

    That said, can't we have ten at least???

    No? Darn.

    Okay, then, maybe...

    Genesis: Selling England by the Pound
    David Bowie: Hunky Dory
    Thomas Dolby: Golden Age of Wireless

    Hmm... That actually makes me look a lot older than I am. :-)

    Oh, no, wait, I need Beatles!!! Argh!!! Definitely Abbey Road. But which of the three should I bump??

    Oh, Mel, you are cruel!