Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fortune cookies

I've eaten more than my fair share of chinese food in my life. I adore it, perhaps more than a person really should. LOL. And one of the best parts of chinese food is cracking open that fortune cookie and reading what the stars have in store for you.

My daughter told me this morning that three months ago exactly, I opened a fortune cookie that said something good was in store for me three months from now (she saved the fortune just so she could remind me--wasn't that sweet?).

That's today, October 22.

Talk about being excited! Who knows what it could be--I have a bid on a house...does that mean I'll hear something positive today? Will a million bucks land in my lap out of nowhere? Who knows--the world is totally my oyster today, I hope!

Of course, I've also had my fair share of dud fortune cookies. In fact, one time, I had a creepy one that said, "we are always watching you." DUDE, why?!?!

So what about you? Ever have a fortune that came true--whether from a cookie or otherwise? Or, have you ever have a fortune that blew it big-time and was totally wrong? Dish it up, yo!

ETA: WE GOT THE HOUSE!!! I am doing the happy girl dance right now. YAY!!


  1. We like to play the game where you have to read your fortune cookie but say, "While in bed" first.

    Of course, we don't read them out loud like that way around the kids. But we snicker. And if one of you is my kid reading this, I'm sorry and at least now you know why your stepdad and I always think our fortunes are so funny when we read them at the table.

  2. hahahaha--we've done that...where you say "in bed" or "in your pants" after the fortune. so the creepy one would have read, "we are always watching your pants." hahahaha

    I think it's a riot, Gwen. Keep on doing it! LOL

  3. OK, MAJOR congrats on getting the house!!!!!!! Yay!!!!

    I'd say that the majority of the time that I eat Chinese food I don't even get fortune cookies...that's because I happen to be married to a Taiwanese guy. His mom and aunts don't tend to include fortune cookies as part of the meal...

  4. Congrats on getting the house!! That's fab news!

  5. Yay on the house. You need to frame that fortune and put it in a place of prominence in your new home!

  6. whooo hoooo! the world is your oyster today! AWESOME news on the house!!!

    I love the fortune cookies. I get angry when someone hands me 'mine.' I firmly believe the only way the fortune can truly be mine is if I pick the cookie up from the tray myself. If someone hands it to me, I read it and tell them it's their fortune. LOL

  7. I'm so happy for you, sugar. I did add the people trying to sell and buy houses to our prayer service this month.

    Yay. Now Mel and Rhonda get the mojo.

  8. I got a fortune cookie just yesterday and it said "You will do something new in your job soon." Hmmm, I'm in a new job and received next to no training so I think that's a given! lol

    One I got shortly before I got the new job said a change was coming soon (one after said "be yourself, you are wonderful" I really liked that one lol).

    A number of years ago one said travel was in my future - and then it was.

    So, I don't really think there is a lot to it but I have had some that worked out interestingly enough. :)

    Oh, and congratulations on the house.

  9. Yay on the house!!!!