Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where's Your Mojo Maximized?

For the past two weeks I have been lucky enough to have two WONDERFUL writers covering for me... a huge gift, and one for which I am deeply thankful. I know everyone enjoyed their posts. I did, too. While I was taking a little break I got a lot of writing done. Started a new contemporary, did some more work on my young adult, and really enjoyed being a reader of this blog without worrying about posting. There is so much talent here it inspires me to do better.

I couldn't help but notice something I've talked about with other writers alot. I work better in certain places. One of them is Snow Pond in Maine, where I did a recent get-away with my man-unit.

We have a house in Oakland on the water and it never fails to inspire me, restore me, lift me up, and give me a refreshed attitude toward the world and my work. I love the quiet, the solitude, and the many memories. Plus watching Max and Jeeves chase ducks, chipmunks, and leaves is a hoot.

When I'm back in Green Harbor I cruise the cafes. I still Starbucks. I still love the cafes in Borders and Barnes and Noble. I still love places like Blue Dog and Wired for Life and the Chocolate Cafe. I love anyplace with good espresso, nice little nibbly bits, and a decent signal.

But the best place? The best place to write is the beach. In the winter, when it gets so bitter sitting outside is not possible, I park at the Harbor or head for one of the local places with a view. But for most of the three seasons I can manage the outdoors I grab my laptop and go right to the water. I may be cursed to set everything I ever write in a coastal town. Why?

Cuz that's where the mojo is. So... where's yours hiding?


  1. My mojo can often be found on airplanes. Where there is no available internet.

    Other than that, my mojo comes when I demand it. When I make myself write, it happens. When I slack off and decide there are other things more interesting to do, oddly enough my mojo disappears.

  2. My mojo. Hmmm. I'm not sure I've been at this long enough to know. I do most of my writing on my big, comfy couch (which will be paid off in one more payment, woot!).

    I go if fits and spurts. I was stuck for a couple of months, but decided to attack the ms from the end and write it out of order and that has helped.

    I do find that I need to have at least an hour before writing to settle in. And I find that it's hard for me to get more than an hour without having to stop and go pick someone up or go here or I am sometimes out of luck.

  3. Oooooooh good question. I'm not sure, actually, LOL. I try to force my mojo to come...but it does like visually stimulating environments, I know that. :D

  4. My new fave place to write is outside on the screen porch at my house. I call it my "autumn office." It's getting cooler here, but it's still warm enough to sit outside and write.

    Otherwise, I loved writing at a beach house we rented one January in Amelia Island, FL. And I'm still a big fan of writing at Panera.