Friday, June 26, 2009

If the television ate you...

If you woke up trapped in a television show tomorrow--which one would you hope it was and why? And what kinds of trouble would you cause?

This was a tough one for me--partly because I don't watch TV much.
And partly because the shows I like would be really detrimental to my health. I love Joss Whedon's shows more than anything--but I do NOT want to live in Sunnydale. Ever. Especially as an adult because very few of them had a clue about the little things--like vampires and werewolves. And then Angel turned Los Angeles into an apocalypse. And Serenity is a great ship--but Reavers are a big, fat NO for me, thanks.

House MD? Are you kidding me? I love that show, but I don't want to be the first patient who really does have Lupus.

Bones? If I could just hang out with Agent Booth all day fine. If I have to look at corpses and sludgey insides of people that are now on the outsides of people, I'll pass.

Friends? Okay--but of course they've all moved now, so it would be pretty boring hanging out on the couch at Central Perk by myself all day.

Veronica Mars? She'd be fun to pal around with--and likely would smart enough to help me get back home. But I think she'd get tired of me trying to get her back together with Logan all the time. I know he's not perfect--but COME ON. Do you think anyone will ever love her more than he does?

But there is one show that I used to fantasize about. One show that is much a part of my childhood as mud pies and Garanimals. It was the one place that I could escape to, in my head, when there were things I didn't want to wrap my childhood mind around. When things got tough, I could sing....."Think I'll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun's callin my name...." and pretend I was a Brady.

Yes. I think if I HAD to get stuck in a tv show, chances are good that I'd still pick the Brady Bunch. It's a little sad. Especially considering the unfortunate amount of Polyester I would have to wear.

As an aside, I'd really like to have a little talk with Mike. Seriously--you are some bigwig architect, Mr. Brady. Did you ever think about designing a house with more bedrooms for your six kids and live-in maid?

So, now that I'm an honorary Silver Platter (sha na na na na na na na na, sha na na na na), what show will you end up on?


  1. Hmm. Good question. Maybe The Big Bang Theory. I could be the hot elevator repairwoman. (You have to watch that show to understand that...)

  2. LOL Loved your non-answers btw. Though personally I'd brave the Reavers to be by River's side...;-)

    Hmm... At my current age? How about, Three's Company ? =D I'm pretty sure I'd get along with Jack Tripper, and all the extra's were eye candy!

  3. I would love to be on a couple different shows. Chuck (I want to be the CIA Spy - think I could pull it off) or the Mentalist ( crime fighting with Simon Baker - yes).

    I would love to be on True Blood - but not sure I would like to end up food (unless it was for Eric.)

  4. Gwen, you are so right! Anyone who lives in House's world gets catastrophic liver failure eventually, and anyone in Buffy's world is likely to get chomped.

    Brady Bunch is an oddly attractive world. Grilled cheese and milk! But I hate playing baseball. (Or any other sport, for that matter.)

    The folks of Lost get to live on that gorgeous island, but they die off faster than any other show I know, so that's out.

    So I think I might live in the original Star Trek. Lots of fun stuff going on, but as long as I don't wear a red shirt, I should be safe, right? (We'll just ignore that whole miniskirt issue, please.) ;-)

  5. I would have liked to have been on the show Alias with Jennifer Garner. I secret agent who gets to beat up the bad idea of fun!!

  6. But Brady Bunch has no toilet, yo! ROFL. I'd probably wanna be on Ninja Warrior, though I'd wipe out FAST. haha

  7. Great answers everyone--well except Tarl. Cuz REAVERS=ohmygodno not even a hottie.

    There was no toilet on Brady Bunch?

  8. I'd steal Logan from Veronica.

    My husband and I have pretty much concluded that, outside of not living in NYC, we already DO live in HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. it's eerie, actually.

  9. I totally wanted to be a Brady too when I was younger.

    I would love hanging out with Veronica, but I would bug her about Logan all the time too, so maybe that wouldn't work.

    I'd like to hang out with Buffy and everyone (especially if I could get Angel to like me instead of her!)