Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rhonda's Nicknames

Well, it's nicknames week at Fictionistas. I've had plenty o' nicknames in my time. In elementary school, they used to call me Ton of Staples (my last name is Stapleton. hah. very clever, guys). And of course, I was always asked if I did, indeed, HAVE a ton of staples. Yes, I actually carry a whole metric ton of staples in my backpack, just for this sort of occasion. Thanks for asking. Buh-bye.

Middle school and high school saw my nicknames changing slightly, but one still focused on my last name. I was called Stapletong for a while because of a typo in a yearbook. LOL fun. I was also Rho (with a line over the O) for a long time to my close friends in high school. Some friends also teasingly called me Rhoda, since my name was often misspelled. *sigh*

Nowadays, my nicknames are much more varied and unusual. The manpanion often calls me Mongo sometimes because of my freakish mutant strength that appears out of nowhere (e.g., I went to get a paper towel off the holder and somehow ripped the entire holder off the wall)--okay, I admit, that one makes me laugh. He also calls me Rhonda Loud (gee, how did I earn THAT one? ROFL). The kids, who think they are VERY funny, like to call me Gronda (a blend of "grandma" and "rhonda"--kids, you're grounded for that one, LOL), or Momda (a blend of "mom" and "rhonda").

Did you guys ever have nicknames that made fun of your name? Ever have a typo or misprint that earned you a nickname? Share!


  1. I go by Wendy outside of writing--by boss nicknamed me Wendith. My male co-workers changed it to Wenchith and the co-worker I married still calls me Wench.

  2. okay, Gronda is my new fave name for you. Love it. Your kids get total bonus points for that.

    My kids have told me that when I become a g'ma they're gonna call me Big Momma. Awesome. Or not.

  3. Amanda Brice1:45 PM

    Gronda!!!!! That is hi-lar-ious.

  4. I know...they giggle EVERY time they call me Gronda. Though they usually just whisper it, to avoid being in trouble...hah

  5. Holy poo that's a riot. Gronda. I love it.

  6. Anonymous2:02 AM

    very funny.
    my name is rhonda ton x) and i also get call tong