Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I Like Being A Girl

I'm glad I'm a girl, despite some of the inequalities that still exists in this world.

Some of my favorite things about being a girl are:

1. Not having to kill my own bugs.

2. Shopping. Why don't guys like that more?

3. Getting my nails done. My toes are currently painted "Limbo Bimbo" which makes me laugh.

4. Accessories. Guys have what? Watches, belts and shoes? And most of them don't do much with that combo, am I right? We have all kinds of things to change up our outfits with.

5. Not going bald. I would not look good with a shaved head. Just saying.

What are some things you like about being girl?


  1. My toes are currently painted the color of wine the shade is "All Lacquered Up" :)

    What do I like about being a girl?...
    I like being a mom. :) And I love perfume.
    Yeah. I know guys can wear it too, but the selection is better for girls. :)

  2. I don't think I'm a girl then. I have to kill my own bugs even though I'm the only woman in the house. They look at me and say "so what's wrong with you?" if I don't like a bug. I've never had a pedicure or put toenail polish on. I don't like shopping. I own only two pair of shoes and I rarely wear accessories other than a belt to hold my blue jeans up and stud earrings.

    But I often wonder if a lot of it is because I'm in a houseful of men and I've had to adapt to all this testosterone. I think I need to hang out with you, Kristen.

  3. I am with Leah. However I do like being multi-orgasmic! GO GIRL POWER!!

  4. I have Inkadink Pink on my toes.

  5. I like being able to hug people and not be looked at funny. LOL. I also like shoes SO SO MUCH.

  6. (ps--I mean just run up and hug people a lot, both guys and girls. haha)

  7. I'm a tomboy girl. Which is the best. I like having cars doors opened for me, yet I like being able to have people line up along the shore to watch me do tricks on a jet ski because I'm a girl and shouldn't be better than the boys. :)

    I like getting dressed up sometimes. I like earrings.

    I like being a stay at home mom/editor/bookselller. I'm glad I don't have the role as the financial supporter of the family. Although, as a mom, I do support my family in other ways, by keeping them well fed, clean and dressed as they should be, in a clean house. Lol.

    I like also like shopping, but online, as my social anxiety keeps me at home a lot.

    I like having the best of both worlds as a tomboy. I like being able to wear men's tshirts to go bike riding. I like being able to wear a man's tshirt to bed (men can't exactly wear a women's nightgown to bed, lol).

    So, being a tomboy girl to me is the best. :)


  8. I love everything about being a girl! I love wearing dresses, I love having my door held open for me, I love owning 15 different pairs of black shoes and not feeling guilty about it. I wasn't going to say it aloud but I second what Inez said. Um yeah, being a girl rocks for SO MANY reasons ;)

  9. I like painted toes, cute shoes, and my awesome rack.

  10. I like being a girl because boys are weird.

  11. Jennifer Russell12:58 PM

    I have to second what Lara said as I love wearing perfume. Painted nails are another favorite thing. And, I, too, love wearing dresses . . . & heels (even though I am tall).

  12. Huh. I have to kill my own bugs. (The hubby thinks it's good for me)

    But it's pretty cool that we handle stress better than guys. And that we live longer. LOL

  13. All of the above.
    And also - because I can cry at movies, (or Humane shelter commercials - or Iams commercials, or well, anything do do with doggers) and nobody will think I'm a pansy.

  14. I live alone. I have to kill my own bugs. Also, I've seen a lot of balding women lately. Maybe it's stress.

    But what do I like... I like wearing dresses and skirts.

  15. Now how can I possible answer that question?

  16. I love being a Mom, getting my nails and hair done, wearing high heels, being underestimated and proving men wrong, writing romance, and having super powers (women can bleed for a week and not die...that's pretty darn super).

  17. Kristen, I never realized till I read your post -- I guess I'm a boy.

    Does that mean they have to start paying me more?

  18. I kill my own bugs, hardly ever wear dresses. I wear flats there Birkenstock's I have them resoled ever three years and keep wearing the same ones. I hardly ever go shoe shopping. I own I think six pairs of shoes and that includes the Birkenstock's.

    My daughter gave me my first pedicure last year. I kind of liked it. Currently there is no polish on my toenails or fingernails. I keep my fingernails short for typing my stories. I cry at movie and not necessarily the sad ones either, go figure.

    I'm something of a Tom girl even at my age, (I'm 48--shhh), and I mow my lawn and just put in my garden.


  19. Anonymous2:03 PM

    being a girl just sucks

  20. Anonymous11:55 AM

    My toenails are a bright red and my fingernails also which are of medium length. I love the earrings. I just love summer dresses and wear them quite often