Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What did you call me? AKA Nicknames, take two.

Early on in my school career, I thought having a nickname would be cool. Don't we all think that at some point? Unfortunately, I ended up with an abbreviation of my last name: Bruno.

Yeah, I was in elementary school, already insecure about my height because I was the tallest one (boys included) in my class, self-conscious about my glasses and then I got saddled with that gem. Brilliant.

Fortunately, it didn't last.

Then one of my brother's girlfriends started calling me Krissy. Let me just say that no one, and I mean NO ONE calls me that. I won't answer to it. Refuse, actually. Probably because my brother used to torture me by repeating it over and over in a sing-song voice. But for her, it was somehow okay. Thankfully, he didn't date her that long.

Lately, Mel's dubbed me Kitteh, which probably suits me as I am slightly psycho in my love for all things feline. (No, I am not wearing a t-shirt with cats on it. I just love my furbabies in a way that comes close to unnatural.) Plus it starts with K. And I have to say, it's miles above Bruno.

Have you ever had a nickname you didn't want?


  1. hahahahahaha i really like Kitteh for you...that's too cute.

  2. YES!! My hubby recently started calling me "Jenny" knowing that I hate it. Well, all our neighbors think that's what I go by. And now it's spun into "Jenny Jenny" because of that 80's song (867-5309...)
    which is doubly worse. LOL!

  3. Bruno? LOL, too funny. Someday we'll have to swap stories about how we came by that nickname.

    None of my nicknames ever stuck. One I forgot to mention yesterday was a name I acquired based on my old AOL chat userID. I went by Sarcasm, and it turned into Sarc. :shrug: At the time it worked for me, but I'm not that sarcastic person anymore.

  4. Ok, Kitteh. I have to tell you, I kinda dig Bruno.

    Of course, I'm a big fan of boys' names for girls.


  5. LOL! I'm glad Bruno didn't last.
    I've had some offensive ones. A couple of guys called me chief in high school. Maybe I looked grumpy? HOpe it wasn't 'cause I looked like a man. LOL
    Then my uncle always used to call me bones. YOu can guess why on that one.

  6. I gotta say... I am LOVIN Kitteh.

  7. Hey, Kitteh! (BTW, I'm at the moment kissing my cat all over his face. Ah, the things we do for love.)

    Luckily, I never had any nicknames I hated...though I was called weirdo and freak and the like often enough in junior high!

  8. I am calling you Bruno from now on I think.