Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Expiration Dates

Lots of things come with expiration dates: milk, eggs, medicine. But a lot of things that don't come with expiration dates should.

For examples, pillows. Yes, like the kind you sleep on. Pillows accumulate skin cells, fungi and dust mites. Gross, right? I agree, which is why I buy new pillows every so often. (How long have you been sleeping on that pillow? How many dust mites hear you snoring every night?)

And what about clothing? Why doesn't it come with an expiration date? We all know someone with an outfit that should have hit the goodwill bin a long time ago. An expiration date would have done the trick.

And lastly, boyfriends. Oh man, if only boyfriends had a Dump By date. Think of the heartache and boring dates that would have prevented.

What else should come with an expiration date?


  1. Makeup. Last year, I grabbed an old bottle of face cream and wound up scalding my face. Seriously, I went into hiding for 2 weeks and it took another 6 weeks to heal. You better believe I went through every cupboard and cabinet in the house after that and tossed EVERYTHING that was even remotely 'old'. Well, except for the hubby, of course. He might be 'old', but he's definitely not past his expiration date.

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Stories on dead musical stars should have expiration date

  3. I'm totally grossed out now and probably going to buy a couple new pillows on the way home. I don't know if makeup has an actual exp date, but it should. Old eyeshadow and mascara especially. Women need to take care of their eyes and putting old junk on them is no good.

  4. hahahaha nice post. i agree with you about pillows!!

  5. I wear some clothes I've had for an insanely long time! They may look terrible (for all I know), but so does all of my new stuff, so I don't worry about it...

    I think email jokes should have an expiration date on them! :-)

  6. I went through my mum's cabinets a while back. You don't want to know.

    I throw out my mascara every few months.

    Cool post!

  7. Good point - time to get some new pillows. Also - probably add to that matress pads.

  8. I have one of those front loading washing machines, so I was washing my feather pillows. I had a repairman out and he told me that the pillows break open and the feathers go all over and can actually ruin the machine. So, alas, now I buy new pillows, they're cheaper than a new washing machine, that's for sure.

    I throw out old make-up. Old toothbrushes. Old salad dressing.

    We need a list of things that get better when they get old. I want to resemble that remark!

  9. Excuses need expiration dates!
    For instance, having a bad childhood doesn't excuse you from everything.

  10. I buy new pillows frequently. As in a few times a year. Glad to know I'm ahead of the game in this important matter. :)