Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Rhonda's High School Prom Madness!

So, we've talked about prom on here before, and I've shared my stories...but now, you guys will get the FULL experience--hair, makeup, dresses, background, the works. Ready to take a trip back in time? Put on your helmets, kiddies--you're in for a scary ride:

Here I am, in the spring of 1992 (I'm on the far right--sorry about the poor photo quality). I was a sophomore at the time, but I went with a friend to his junior prom. Yanno, I still don't know how I got my hair to stand out that far off my had to be the devious works of Aqua Net, for sure. Also, OMG my eyebrows are quite bold in that picture, aren't they? I'm sure the "smoky" eyeshadow look I was going for didn't help that any. Thank God I finally discovered tweezers, though I'm sad to say it didn't happen until college. Anyway, this wasn't the official prom picture, which is why it's in front of a brick wall.

Here's another from spring of 1992--this time, I went with a friend to his senior prom. Frighteningly enough, my hair looks EXACTLY the same as the junior prom picture above. Doesn't the aluminum-foil starry background, the faux grecian pillar, and billowing smoke at our feet really make this picture pop?

Ah, spring of 1993--junior prom. Basically the same hair style as last year's two proms, but a little closer to my head since my hair was shorter. And the same dress as what I wore to the senior prom my sophomore year, but with all-new pantyhose and jewelry (those earrings are a bit much now that I look back on this, *sigh*). Hey, I wasn't swimming in money. LOL. So, check out the background--we have the mega-patterned Vegas-style carpeting, and are standing in front of what looks like a funeral parlor fireplace. Cheery!

Spring of 1994, my senior prom. I had my dress made from a cool pattern I found. I loved that dress so much! Notice my hair has finally evolved from being poofy all over my head to just being poofy on the sides. SO hot. I also like the accessories better than junior prom--more low-key and subtle, but effective. And I like the background with the delicately draped sheer cloth and flowers...the balloons give it just a little pinch of fun.

So, there ya go. Rhonda's prommity prom promness. Hope you enjoyed the flashback. What about you--did you like the way your prom photos came out? Was your hair as big as mine? I'd love to hear about it...and if you can link to photos, even better!


  1. OMG Rhonda! These are awesome! I only went to 1 prom and I posted my gold lamey (or would that be LAME) dress pics here a while back. So you had a thing for black and white I'm sensing?

    Yes, poofy hair. It was a blessing and a curse of the late 80s/early 90s. I swear my bangs were 6 inches tall at one time!!

  2. I never went to prom. It's so cool that you got to go to four. I love the last dress. So adult and glamorous. The big question is: Did you have fun at the proms?

  3. OMG, Rhonda, you look adorable! :-D And sweetheart, your hair had NOTHING on mine... I went to prom in '89 and my hair defied gravity. But I feel worse for the guys. Your poor friend is wearing a white tux and a aqua cummerbund. Yikes. ;-)

  4. Way to rock the black and white. Looking good!

  5. Rhonda! Thank you for the photo odyssey back in time! That's awesome.

    I graduated in 88 (which is GREAT, btw), so our hair was enormous. Huge and permed. Sometimes perms upon perms.

    But what I remember most about my senior prom was that my mother was living some latent prom fantasy through me. So she insisted that I wear a cotton candy pink, tea length, poofy-sleeved, bow on butt dress that I later couldn't even sell at a garage sale for a buck.

    Thanks for bring back fun memories. Or at least funny memories!

  6. I look goofy in my prom photos too-bad hair in both! Ah well, I think it's a right of passage to have bad hair in your prom photos:)

  7. These are fabulous, Rhonda! I have some dance pictures I'm going to post eventually, and a couple fabulous hair stories to go with them.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Talk about memories! (Although I didn't go to a prom---I was homeschooled. But I graduated in '94, too, and boy that puffy hair was "the thing" wasn't it?)

  9. omG. I love these. I have to say, though, what made me laugh the hardest was the fog machine effect. I don't know why, but I busted a gut over the fake smoke.

  10. LOVE them :o) Awesome and a half.

  11. Amanda Brice4:19 PM

    AWESOME!!! I love it!

  12. These *are* fantastic - I love seeing the evolution of fashion through pictures from prom events. Makes me think of all the events I've been to, thinking I was the height of fashion at the time, only to look back and cringe! I'm not as brave as you so no-one else will ever see them!