Saturday, January 30, 2010

Katya Peekin'

This is my new BF Katya Peekin... she's a Twitter Peek. I know... how addicted to gadgets do you have to be to pay 200 bucks for a dedicated TWITTER device? And the answer is... pretty addicted. Thing is... you can get the 100 dollar edition, but that only comes with the first six months free. My version came with LIFETIME free service.

And yes... I am in love. OMG I am in love. And I frankly think a dedicated device with a lifetime of unlimited service is a good deal. A lot of the early responses to this little nugget were very "why on earth," but after thinking it through I decided to get one for the following reasons:

1. I hate using my cell phone for "everything." I always love the newest cells, then think it through, and realize that I get cranky if I have to navigate a menu on my cell.

2. It may be because I am dysgraphic, but menus that are all about navigation make me nuts. This device is a screen with a scroll (like a blackberry) with my twitter feed RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. If I want to tweet I press a button, scroll, tweet, send. If I want to read I scroll and click. One handed, right in front of me.

3. I'm a little hyper, and I tend to be out of the house on my netbook or nowhere near a computer. And I very often turn my phone off or leave it elsewhere in the house when I'm "shut down." But leaving Katya on the bedside gives me the option to tweet quickly then plop it back down.

4. If I get a tweet on Katya that's big breaking news I know to go get online fast. WHAT? BIG FAT HAIRY BOOKS JUST ASKED TO SIGN THE FICTIONISTAS TO DO A CELEBRITY BLOGGER YA ANTHOLOGY AND WANT TO KNOW WHERE TO SEND MY FIVE MILLION DOLLAR ADVANCE??? You know, stuff like that.

5. I really am a gadget collector. I have two cells... one for business, one for personal use. And I swear I actually like it that way. I know... weird.

Anyhooters... after a day of use I am in lust with Katya. My single complaint is that the scroll is a little sluggish. Hopefully I'll get so used to it I won't care.


Meantime, I'll catchya on Katya... on twitter!! Follow me here!


  1. You're whackadoodle. But in the nicest way possible. lol

  2. It's cute, but I'm still in the WHY ON EARTH camp. LOL

    Love you my little gadget geek.

  3. You're the nicest gadget geek I've ever known! I love Twitter, but not THAT much *lol*

  4. I'm telling twitter you said that.

  5. I think that's so cool!!

  6. And now I'm tempted to get one... :op

  7. It's so pretty!

    I am more of a one device girl, though. different strokes.....

  8. Amanda Brice9:15 PM

    Have I mentioned that I am firmly in the I-refuse-to-Twitter camp? LOL