Monday, January 04, 2010

snow day

It snowed in central Arkansas yesterday. This doesn't happen often, so people get a little excited. Especially the kids because they know the schools will close--even if there isn't much on the ground.

This is what we woke to this morning:and guess what?

School was canceled. Not. Even. Kidding.

Central Arkansas just doesn't see that much snow, so the bus drivers aren't really accustomed to driving over icy bridges or up steep, snow and ice covered hills. So even though it's in the kids' best interest to be better safe than sorry, it also seems like overkill.

Besides, my kids are old enough now that they can stay at home without I still have to go to work. And how unfair is that?

Do you live in an area that shuts down at the mere mention of wintery weather or do you walk to school, up hill, in two feet of snow EVERY DAY NO MATTER WHAT?


  1. Amanda Brice10:09 AM

    i grew up in a semi-rural, mountainous area of northern nj, and we rarely got a day off from school, even with 8 inches. It had to be at least a foot to get more than a 2-hour delay.

    now i live in dc, where an inch throws the city into panic. it's crazy. so when we got 19 inches of snow before christmas, needless to say, my street didn't get plowed for 3 days.

  2. Oh my gosh! We do not close unless there is a over a foot of snow and it's blowing all over the place! LOL!

  3. We sorta stop the world too. But we live in a small town where it doesn't snow often, so they just don't have the equipment to handle keeping the roads clear. I don't have too many problems because I live right in town...but the rest of area is rural (gateway to the Olympic National Forest and all)

  4. That's it? And they closed? Wow. What would happen if there was a real blizzard? lol

  5. Jennifer Russell11:04 AM

    I live in the Atlanta area, where even a hint of winter weather tends to throw the city into a tailspin. Granted, I loved it when I was a kid. But, now that I am an adult, I find it to be kind of ridiculous.

  6. when we have a "real" snow, the town really does shut down. It's sorta unreal. Also, the grocery stores run out of milk, bread, and velveeta. I actually have to go to the store today because we're outta milk, how much you wanna bet they're running low.

    We're supposed to get actual accumulation mid-week, so I have a feeling Thurs/Fri will both be no school days as well. We'll see...

  7. LOL... Sorry, I shouldn't laugh. When I lived in FL, they were like that with the tinest bit of snow. But growing up in Michigan, it would take a lot more than that to shut down school. Now, here in NE Colorado, they're about halfway between what Michigan tolerates and what shuts Arkansas down.

    Here's hoping your accumulation is small, Mel. I know it's only January, but I'm already sick of the stuff.

  8. I'd take a photo of my yard right now but you'd just see a square of white.

    This morning Max went out to pee and vanished... there was a vaguely oval lump moving around under the white... it was white... then he popped out of a hole and made a break for the door. Poor little sucker has to dig a hole to poop.

    It ain't right.

  9. LOL holy crap. That's so funny that they closed for a dusting of snow.