Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ereaders and questions

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Did anyone get an ereader for Christmas? If so, which one did you get? Or maybe you already have one? What do you think of ebooks? Do you read them?

I have a Sony reader and I love it. I love traveling with a whole library of books without the bulk. I love the ability to just whip that thing out and read wherever I am - in line, in an airport, in the car (not while driving obviously.) But as much as I love my Sony, there are other readers cropping up that have caught my eye. Also, I'd really like one I can take notes on so I can edit my own books that way.

What do you think about ereaders and ebooks? I'd love to hear your opinions!


  1. My sweet, sweet husband, Island Bob, gave me a Kindle for Christmas. Darling man. I read one book on it and played with it for a day or so and experimented with it, and in the end I packed it up and sent it back with Island Bob's understanding and blessings.

    It was nice, I just don't think it was right for me. I have been reading on my iPod Touch, which I love. I think I was distracted by the white frame around the Kindle reading screen, as well as the keyboard. And I wanted more freedom to choose where I bought my books.

    Now I am eyeing others. I plan to try and exercise some self-control (yeah, right) until after CES, and make a decision then.

    Do I read e-books? Oh, yeah. I do now, voraciously. In fact, the first e-book I bought, downloaded, and read was ALL FIRED UP, which I really, really enjoyed.

    A funny: My iPod and my phone both have touch screens, which have spoiled me. Island Bob laughed and laughed at me trying to learn to use the Kindle, poking at the screen and being irritated when nothing happened!

  2. I have the Sony too and I love it (not a Christmas present though, I've had it). It would be cool to have an ereader where I could do edits, etc. but I think it would be too small for me anyway. I just love being able to cart that baby around everywhere, especially airports! I can carry 100 books w/out taking up the space ;)

  3. My 12 year old son got a Kindle for Christmas. HE LOVES IT. And I've played with it a bit, and am intrigued. I love how lightweight and portable it is, how easy it is to read, and how easy it is to buy and download books. Of course, that is also very dangerous...

    I have to say, I kinda want one now and I've NEVER wanted an e-reader before.

  4. I have a Sony 505 but I wish I had waited for the pocket. I do love it.

    I had an eslick, but Ahmed fell in love with that and we swapped.

  5. Amanda Brice5:58 PM

    I'm such a luddite, because I've never wanted an e-reader. I'm being pushed out of home by the piles of books, but I just much prefer the feeling and smell of holding an actual print book in my hands.

    I do read e-books, though, if the book is only available in e format & I want to read it enough.

  6. I read on my phone now. Love having all my music, audiobooks, and books in one device.

    Oh. And you can call me on it too. It works as a telephone!

  7. Well, I just got one for Christmas and I like it. the pocket edition. I've read three books already. I started another today but the punctuation is off. Like missing quotes on dialog. Very distracting. I might end up not reading the book and that bugs me, especially because i did this author. I need to get the light though. And I so totally agree I want to upgrade at some point to the one with notes.

  8. Have had a sony since they first came out. Travel and read to many books to carry. Love it and would be lost without. Iphone now is used as well. Though I would lose the feel of a good book, but no still there....

  9. I have a sony reader and LOVE it. It's super convenient, and the screen looks like you're reading paper. It doesn't replace print books for me, but supplements my ever-growing book collection. LOL

  10. I'm probably going to be the last hold-out. I love holding books in my hands, hearing the crackle of their pages, smelling the paper... I'm not ready to go digital yet.

  11. I do have a Kindle, and for the most part I love it. A downside I've found is that were I to want to flip back several pages to check a fact, it's an impossibility. But like you, I love the ease of an e-reader; tossing it in my purse and knowing it's always there should I have a few minutes.

    I've found I bounce between the Kindle and hard copy books pretty regularly, and that I like.