Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cuteness overload!

I'm sure everyone who knows me is sick of hearing about the two new kitties we adopted over the weekend, but to them I say suck it up. Jack and Finnegan are awesome cats! As you can see, they get along great with each other and are doing their best to make friends with our other cats. (Yes, Finn is missing an eye. Early life was unkind to him.)

I realize not everyone is in a position to adopt, but if you find yourself wishing you could when you can't, I would encourage you to make a donation to your local no kill shelter.

These guys have certainly made our lives more interesting. Do you have pets? Where did they come from?


  1. Awwwww so cute! You're a good mommy.

    Both of our dogs came from shelters.

  2. I love shelter dogs. Best money I've ever spent!
    The hardest part is turning your back on them when you leave the shelter.

  3. I'm totally with you! And the thing is... right now a lot of people have had to give up much-loved pets because of the economy. Anybody who can give a home... that's god's work, girl!

    They're gorgeous. Take after mum. :)

  4. Wait...didn't you mean "McSuck it?" LOL

    they are sooooo cute!

  5. Awwww :-) Your kitties are so super cute! I have two rescues as well and I love them pretty much more than ANYTHING else. (Well... maybe my husband ties them, but it's CLOSE).

    Scroll to the middle of the page to see my babies: Piper and Lilah

  6. We have two shelter animals and one runt I paid $75 for because I wanted to rescue him from a bad situation--he just wasn't at a shelter. ...yet. But the breeder wasn't exactly made for taking breeding animals. It just wasn't good.