Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Roooooad Raaaaage!!

Is it just me, or are more and more people pissed off...especially when driving?

Living in Cleveland, I encounter a lot of angry drivers. And not always because I'm, uh, not the best driver in the world, haha. No, sometimes people are just pissed off. You're going over the speed limit, but it's not fast enough. You're in their lane when they want to go around you, or take your spot. What's the deal with all the anger?

When I was in Canada last weekend, I quickly realized how crazy American highways have gotten. I didn't get honked at once while there. No one flipped me off, or rode right on my tail. The most I got was a sad shake of someone's head. Which, yes, I totally deserved.

When I'm driving around and encounter a jerk on the road, here's how I handle it to keep from blowing my top:

--If the jerk is riding on my tail and swerving like an idiot behind me to try to get around, I arrange my car in relation to others so that they can't pass. I also go exactly the speed limit and not one mile over. I find this helps me get out that passive-aggressive anger, even though it's waaaaay evil. LOL

--I put on the classical music station. Listening to the soothing strains of the violin helps the irritation seep right out of me. I find I'm instantly more relaxed and less likely to get pissed off at stupid people.

--Or, I put on a good booty-shaking song. It lifts my mood and distracts me from being angry.

What do you do to deal with road rage (either in you or in someone else)?


  1. I actually don't leave the house that much. lol

  2. I don't get mad too much in the car. The only drivers that really make me mad are the ones who refuse to merge at road construction and think that everyone in the front should let them in when they bypassed everyone to get there.