Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Recently The Simpsons celebrated a landmark episode, and I think The Simpsons are swell. I like cheapo animation with cheesy production values but very smart writing. I like South Park. But before any of these was a little slice of genius called REN AND STIMPY.

REN AND STIMPY was an angry, goofy, incredibly smart, but also incredibly subtle cartoon. I remember when it first broke a lot of adults were mystified that this wasn't for kids. It was for teens and adults. It often even outstripped the dimmer adults with its cultural references. I was a massive, frothing, fanatic REN AND STIMPY enthusiast.

I still miss it.

And so, my friends, I give you on this lovely Saturday at the dawn of a new decade, a little dance down memory lane. Enjoy:


  1. Oh that's fantastic! I remember my band director using references to this all the time. Mostly, "Stoopid eediot"

    Thanks for the trip!

  2. I can't even tell you how much our family loves Ren & Stimpy. :D

  3. Ren and Stimpy were the bomb.

  4. I miss this show. Tons.

  5. Avery Addison9:03 PM

    I loved this show right up until the hairball episode. That ruined it for me forever. But the song is fun! :)

  6. I miss Saturday morning cartoons in general. With the advent of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, my kids never knew the joy of getting excited for Saturday while the rents stay in bed. Also, I used to eat spoonfuls of actual sugar while watching cartoons. Don't tell my mom.