Monday, January 25, 2010


19 year old Lauren McClusky started a charity to raise money for the Chicago chapter of the Special Olympics, and so far has raised $30,000.

Too bad she's had to spend $5,000 of that money on legal fees because she's being sued by McDonald's for trademark infringement because she's calling the event McFest.

Um, her last name is McClusky....remember?

Why is McDonald's being such a bully here? They say they are required by law to "guard against third parties that infringe our trademarks." but c'mon! isn't this overkill?

Dear McDonald's,

My maiden name was McKenzie, would you like to sue me as well? I think you guys McSuck and I think you should McSTFU and leave Lauren McClusky and her pretty awesome charity event McAlone. McGot it?

Melissa McKenzie Francis


  1. Amanda Brice9:29 AM

    LOL. Technically, McDonalds didn't sue her. They filed an opposition with the US Patent & Trademark Office. In other words, the trademark examining attorney who had been examinig McClusky's tm application approved it, but now McDonalds is trying to block it.

    Ethical concerns regarding my day job preclude me from commenting on the merits, but let's just say I McAgree with your McPost.

  2. McDonald's sucks. Let's start a Twitter campaign.

  3. I knew it wasn't a lawsuit technically but I figured that was the easiest way for me to say it and for folks to get the gist. LOL either way, McD's can McSuck it.

  4. "McD's can McSuck it."

    HAHA Mel, I so agree. WANKERS.

  5. McBiteMe. I would love to see them loose business.

    Because the smartest thing on earth for them to have done? "We noted your use of McFest and support your altruism. Here's 5 grand." They'd have gotten 10 grand back.

    No more drive-through for me. I only hit them for the kids anyway. We have a Wendy's and BK close enough.

  6. I don't get how they think that they own the letters Mc. Are they Mcwhacked?

  7. Well, that's just stupid, but that's McD's. Like they have a right to stop everyone from using 'Mc'. Ummm, that's a McNo. I don't eat there anyway (their food and my stomach don't get along - plus their ads irritate me), but if I did, I'd stop after this BS. Feh.

    McNuts, anyone?

  8. That's just sad, I'm doing a report on Mc Donalds and i knew the were low but not that low.