Monday, February 01, 2010

you can keep your 3-D

I don't enjoy 3-D movies and I haven't since Jaws 3-D.


Because I can't see it. I can't wear contacts anymore and since I wear glasses, those 3-D glasses don't fit me properly. So when I'm watching a 3-D movie, I see a lot of red and green and blur. No fun at all.

Plus, I really don't understand what is so thrilling about having to duck so you won't get poked in the eye by a 3-D arrow. Or punched by a 3-D fist. Or all wet by a 3-D waterfall.

So even if I could see 3-D, I just wouldn't enjoy it. During Jaws 3-D as a severed arm floated into my lap I remember thinking "Why did I think this would be fun?"

I know I'm pretty much alone in my anti-3-D world, but I'm okay with that.

Oh, and before I forget, we actually had a snow day in Little Rock last week, check out my pics on my website!


  1. Snow is fun. I kinda laugh when people get all uptight about it. Dude, stay off the roads and play!

    And I have always found 3D over-rated and annoying.

  2. I kinda get sick watching 3D...but I still dig it some. I thought it was cool in Avatar. LOL

  3. So, 3-D and toilet paper put on the wrong way. Good to know what your quirks are. lol

  4. LOL Kitteh!

    I also don't like the sound of clipping toenails, people who don't return the cart to the cart corral, and fake lashes on mascara commercials. :)

  5. OMG can I add an AMEN to the fake lashes on lash commercials???

    Not to mention that sometimes they look like freaking clowns and while lush, pretty lashes are nice... do you really want spiderwebs flapping around on your eyelids?

    Seriously, they look handicapped. Elsie the Bordon Cow goes Vegas.

  6. I'm not one to preach the joys of 3D -- I think most of the time, I'd be as happy (or happier) to see the 2D version.

    That said, Mel, I think it sounds like it's been a long time since you saw a 3D movie in the theater... :-) My husband and I both wear glasses, and have no trouble fitting the modern 3D glasses over them...and the 3D process doesn't work by colors anymore, but polarization, so it's not a red-and-green-blur problem anymore. And most of the recent 3D movies (like Up and Avatar) have done little if any of the whole "throwing things in your face" thing...the 3D is mostly to add depth...

    Anyway, if you tried seeing Avatar in 3D, you might find you like it! Or at least like it better than the older version of 3D... ;-)

  7. I too wear glasses. I had the same problems that you did, until my little brother literally dragged me to watch Avatar in 3D at IMAX. Their 3D glasses were big enough that they didn't interfere with my specs, and I was able to experience it the way it was supposed to be experienced. I won't lie, it was the best movie experience I've ever had. It must have been the IMAX difference or something.