Monday, November 16, 2009


I love vanity plates. I really like the ones I have to work to guess...they're kinda like a puzzle. Here are some of my faves that I've seen over the years:

TIH2 HO (mirror image: Oh Shit)

PMPN8EZ (Pimpin' ain't easy)

NS8IABL (insatiable)

MKITSO (This made my Star Trek TNG heart smile: make it so)

IW84NO1 (I wait for no one)

IAM 007 (Bond? is that you)

GDAM8 (G'day Mate)

CD8D (sedated)

I personally want to have BCHN FCHN (Bitchin' Fiction) as my plate but it's too long. Sigh. I also considered MELODRMA but again, too long. Maybe just go with DAYDRM or MEL O

This weekend, I saw a plate that I never could decipher so I thought I'd post it on the interwebs and let you guys help me out.


Any thoughts?


  1. wow, you got me. i have no idea. LOL. i'm really terrible at those though...

  2. Like Rhonda, I'm clueless with those. The funny thing is that I never notice them either! (I'd be a terrible witness at a crime scene). Do you think that's just a plain ol' plate that doesn't mean anything in particular?

  3. it does say "vanity plate", right? or maybe i'm just a dork.

  4. There was an article in Down East magazine a while ago about the person whose job it is to censor those in Maine. For serious.

    It took my people a few days to figure out CHRSSY. Like, dude... buy a vowel.

    I want SHNDLR. Next time I get a new registration. And if I ever buy a gigantic pink RV: DVABGO

  5. I will laugh if its not a vanity plate, just a normal license number.

  6. it's an AR plate and unless it is 3 letters/3 numbers (XXX 111) then it's a vanity plate. It' probably means something personal to the driver, but damn it's driving me batty!