Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I was trying very hard to be a good girl this year, but I'm wearing down as the holiday grows near. So I know I said all I really wanted was world peace, but I think you'll agree I'm a good girl-- okay, technically I'm a good girl. And it is Yule and all... or will be soon.

So can I ammend my wish-list? Erm... with jut a few items. Also the world peace cra-- err-- thing. Yeah, definitely that, too.

K... here goes.

1. A DROID. I KNOW-- I have two cell phones, but I'll give the blue one back.

2. Miss Dior Cherie, by Christian Dior. I KNOW-- I already have a lot of perfume. But it's yummy and delicious.

3. A Singapura cat. I KNOW-- I only do rescues. But I saw it on animal planet, and my need-- it burns. They are the smallest of all cat breeds, are virtually maintenance free in the brushing department, and have personalities that stay kitten-like throughout their lives. How can I not insist upon one under the tree? I mean... come ON... look at that face!!

4. The world peace thing.

5. Um, have you heard about the cheesecake of the month club? I KNOW...
Know what? I really need to quit while I'm behind. Love you, Santa... mean it!!


  1. oh that kitteh! want. now.

  2. I asked for a bike and a fish tank for Christmas. Yes, I'm twelve again.

  3. Here's to wishing you a Droid-rich Christmas! I just got one for my bday and I HEART it so so so so so so so much.

  4. Dear Chrissy,

    Santa is well aware of how "good" you've been this year. Maybe 2010 will be your year.


  5. If Santa's keeping files on me I may be in trouble.

    Kristin, I have a beach cruiser bike-- like the old fashioned ones with the basket and big, comfy seat. BEST. THING. EVER.