Monday, November 30, 2009

copping out

Okay, so I'm in a rush this morning and really didn't have much of a blog topic ready so instead of posting a youtube video like I usually do when I'm unprepared, I'm posting a blog I had on my website over the weekend.

Because frankly, I'm still kind over the moon about it. Sorry if you've read this a hundred-million times.

I almost watched 20/20 Friday night because they were featuring 'Real-Life Vampires' and then thought..."Seriously, what are the odds they'll feature my book cover for this story?" Apparently I should also buy a lottery ticket because the odds were 100%!! You'll have to sit through a commercial once the video loads but at -6:34 on the timer, you'll see my beautiful cover with my name front and center!

Inside the World of Real-Life Vampires


  1. I think that is awesomesauce on toast.

  2. I wanna be Mel when I growz up... but that would mean growzing up.

  3. Amanda Brice11:04 AM

    Not only did they show your cover, but they showed it VERY prominently!!! You got more than the average quick pan!

  4. Awesome! You're in the big time now, baby!

  5. Amanda Brice3:48 PM

    I still think you need to get the other Melissa Francis to interview you on CNBC. She could tie it in to how all things vampire are hawt these days.