Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Burnout!

I was gonna post about Thanksgiving since it's tomorrow, but I decided to mix things up a bit and talk about what's on my mind right now. And that's Christmas Oversaturation, which has been getting increasingly worse every year. Signs of Christmas Oversaturation include:

--holiday items in the store on October 1 (or sometimes earlier)
--Christmas CDs put out by every freaking artist ever known to mankind
--bombardment of Christmas music on the radio right after Halloween

As you can tell from my tone, haha, I'm super tired of Christmas being shoved down our throats so freaking early in the year. Whatever happened to enjoying fall, and Thanksgiving (hah, see, I did tie it in!), and then moving into Christmas? Why is 1 month of celebration before Christmas not enough anymore?

Now, don't get me wrong--I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I think it's magical, and I adore that this is truly a season for giving and sharing and caring about others. But the commercialism and oversaturation of the season is just too much for me to handle anymore.

I don't know about you guys, but by the time Christmas actually arrives, I'm totally suffering from Christmas Burnout. Symptoms include:

--avoiding all Christmas aisles in stores (which is increasingly hard to do)
--writing snarky blog posts (hahahaha)
--not wanting to hear any new Christmas CDs (I'll stick to the classics, thanks)
--turning the station away from Christmas music (I don't want 24-hour Christmas songs!)

So, am I Uncle Scrooge here, or do you feel the same way too? Do you too suffer from Christmas Burnout, or do you dig getting started on the holiday celebration as early as possible? Share!


  1. I haven't been in the holiday spirit these past few years, but I have to tell you, if anything gets me feeling's the commercialization. I'm not kidding. I actually love it. (I do think they start stocking things too early now. November should be plenty early enough.) But I do love it when I hear the music and the bells and see the lights. Even when I'm feeling Scroogy, the Christmasy atmosphere seeps in and lifts my spirit some.

    I'm also a huge fan of over decorating. (I don't do it b/c I don't have the funds) but if I did, I totally would be Clark Griswald.

  2. I love Christmas, but I don't think the songs or the decorating or the store displays should start until the day after Thanksgiving. It's too much already.

  3. OMG I am soooo with you guys. Come on... let it happen a little more naturally.

    Plus, it used to be that they aired The Grinch right after Thanksgiving... and it was an event. It kicked off the season.

    It was on all over the dial last week. Kinda ruins my mellow. Kinda busts my flow.

  4. I know--to me, that time between thanksgiving and christmas is perfect for getting myself revved up and into the spirit.

  5. I can understand the stores getting ready this week in order to capitalize on the black Friday shoppers. But that is is.

    I think that they are really worried about this holiday season and the economy--but the overdoneness of it makes me want to buy less not more.

  6. I am so with you. Our local Oldies station switched to their all-Christmas format Nov 5 this year, and they've already been saturating the TV stations with Christmas movies/programs. Whatever happened to celebrating Thanksgiving *before* Christmas?

  7. I love Christmas too but I like to take my time and enjoy the things that retailers and a majority of people like to just skip fall and Thanksgiving. I refuse to listen tot eh Christmas station on the radio and not one single Christmas decoration will grace my home till the day after Thanksgiving. We did watch one Christmas special...and I hated to do that, The Merry Madagascar was on TV so hubby DVR'd it. I would have much rather waited to watch it, but he and the kids insisted. I caved cause I didn't want to miss out.

    I do have to admit, I did buy some much as I love the holiday season, I detest shopping when the stores are insane. People are downright rude and I don't need that crimping my festive mood! I'm hoping to do most of my shopping on Black Friday (as much as I hate holiday madness, I quite enjoy shopping the sales with all the crazy people before dawn! We don't let the stress get to us though and just have fun with it!)

  8. Amanda Brice4:28 PM

    I adore Christmas. Just not until December 1. Let's take it one major holiday at a time, people.

    Seriously, it gets earlier and earlier every year, and it drives me INSANE.

  9. I love Christmas. But you are totally right for over a week now some of them have had their lights and decorations up on the houses.

    Before Halloween the stores have been putting out decorations. I have steadfastly refused to give in though.

    Christmas comes after thanksgiving and I refuse to fall into the retail trap of celebrating it any earlier.

  10. I'm with ya'll. I went to a store in Sept. and they had all kinds of Christmas decorations hanging in the windows.
    Once you got inside the store they had one aisle for Halloween.

    It was sad.

    I love the magic of Christmas. The wonderment in children's eyes as they wait in line to sit on Santa's lap. My son asking me to write his list for Santa. The tree and decorations. Getting to see the one time of the year, people actually seem friendlier to others around them.

    But I hate the stores starting so early.

    Anywho! That's my two cents.

    Fallon H.

  11. Anonymous12:17 PM

    I love Christmas as well, but by December 25th I am so burnt out that all I want to do is hide.
    Even before Hallowe'en was here, my Canadian Tire store already had Christmas items out. WTF.