Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have an addiction

I am addicted to chapstick, lip balm and lipgloss. You can tell where I've been in the house because you'll be able to find a tube stashed somewhere. I've repeatedly gotten to the end of tubes - in other words, used the whole thing. I've been known to save the tubes, put them in the microwave to melt the remaining balm, then pour them all into one container. Desperation brings serious measures.

I have a large collection of homemade natural lip balms in flavors like butter rum, blueberry and pina colada. I adore those. I'm wearing the pina colada right now. I'll probably apply it 50 more times before the day is through.

So tell the truth. What's your addiction?


  1. Starbucks... I am perfectly capable of making espresso, but I can't drive by a Starbucks.

    Tins. I love decorative tins. I buy stuff I don't need or even want to get the little tin.

    Have you seen the pretty tins with 5 different Burt's Bees lip balms? The honey balm BB's makes is heaven!

  2. Amanda Brice9:43 AM

    I wouldn't warm up the leftover tubes in the microwave, honestly. The chemicals in the plastic will leach into the lip balm when it gets hot enough, and then you're going to put that on your lips?


    (Yeah, living with a materials engineer has changed me.)

  3. I'm addicted to lip gloss too. so, so much. I have tubes everywhere...

  4. Lipstuff doesn't really do it for me--my daughter is a different story though.

  5. I'm not sure, I really love having an assortment of anything. Lip Balm, I love having choices. Even if I find a favorite, there may be something ELSE out there I haven't tried!
    Same with Soaps and body lotions,
    bottles of wine,
    and Books.

    I'm trying to define my "favorites" of things, because I never really pause in my quest to consider what my favorite is. I just keep seeking new ones out.

  6. I love lip glosses and am the same way as you. One in the car, one in my purse, on in my nightstand one in puter desk one in each bathroom.

  7. Gum....if I see a new flavor of gum...I just have to buy it! :)

  8. Diet Coke. A day without DC is a day without... well, I wouldn't know!

  9. Hmmmm. I think my new addiction is walking and I haven't done it in two days now and am feeling a little antsy.

    I love lipstuff and am constantly putting lip gloss or cherry chapstick on but I don't buy it every time I go to the store so I'm not sure it counts :)

  10. Anonymous5:20 PM

    piggys!!!i have pigs evrywere my purse is a pig i have pig shaped slippers mu car interior is piggy and i actually have a capstick shaped liek a pig i have a pig shaped toilt seat cover n of corse i have a pot belly pig