Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Right Gift

I love to shop - I think that comes as a surprise to no one. But Christmas shopping is a little different. Mostly because it's not for me, it's for someone else and while I know (obviously) what I like, I agonize over whether or not the recipient of my gift will think it's as grand as I do. And certain people on my list are way harder to shop for than others. Like my husband.

Although, this year, I nailed it. I just know I've gotten it right with this thing I bought for my husband. I won't tell you what it is because he is sly and cunning and mentioning the thing by name is just asking for trouble. Having said that, it is perfect for him. I just hope he doesn't buy one for himself before Christmas gets here.

Who's your hardest person to shop for?


  1. I bow to you: Kristen, The Master Of Shopping. Anytime one can find the perfect gift for a husband, one should consider the shopping season a success, right there.

    My hard-to-shop-for is my husband, Island Bob. Talk about the man who has everything! That's mostly because he is only interested in two or three things, none of which I know squat about, so I do best to stay out of it. He mentioned an amplifier for his ham radio setup so I cruised those yesterday. I very quickly realized I had made a wrong turn at No-Way-You-Can-Afford-This Boulevard.

    Island Bob did give me one idea: the man asked for a crock pot with a timer. Can you imagine??? My HUSBAND asked for a CROCK POT with a TIMER! I am still reeling over that one. As my best friend often reminds me, I don't deserve him.

    Hope Hotrod's knee is better today!

  2. I'd have to say my dad. haha. He's a really quiet guy, and it's hard to pick up clues about what he wants...

  3. My dad. He has everything. in triplicate. We usually go with some good tequilla, because then he shares with his favorite daughter. (yeah, I'm his only daughter.)

  4. Dad used to be tough but now going out to dinner is a huge blessing, so I get him gift certificates to seafood places.

    Ahmed is nearly impossible. He really has too much anyway (which he acknowledges), and is quirky to begin with. I suppose he says the same thing about me.

    I love shopping for the little kids and my mom. Mom is a blast. I always get her something she likes because NOBODY else bothers looking for clothes that fit or her annoyingly hard to find junk. LOL

  5. Anonymous7:41 PM

    All the guys in my life defenitely! It probably woudn't be as hard if I was better off moneywise, and had more of a variety of items to get them, and unlike most girls many don't go for the sentiments of knitted scarves! -Beth

  6. So you got Hotrod the egg separator?

  7. Shopping for my husband is a bear. He usually tells me one thing he wants, and then says not to get him anything else. As if. I couldn't sit through Christmas opening all the presents he gets me and leave him with only one gift.