Monday, December 01, 2008

too much family?

We host Thanksgiving every year (except for last year when we were busy painting our new house). This year, we had 23 people. Not a record, but still, that's a lot of family and friends.

At one point, when I was being chastised about my political views and my weight gain, I was quite sure there is such a thing as too much family. But then I realized, this year was special. We had 3 generations of aunts in the house for the first time ever. Me, 2 of my aunts, and my great aunt.

That was pretty darn special for my kids and my niece and nephew. And who knows if we'll be able to have that happen next year?

So yes, there is a thing as too much family. At times they have no boundaries and no tact. But all the inappropriate conversations and huffy political attitudes aside, too much family is the only way to experience the holidays* because sometimes, history is made.

*not recommended without a lot of wine...


  1. That is really cool. Someday, you can get away with saying totally inappropriate things too. Wait a minute....

  2. It was just me, Hotrod, my mom and dad, my brother and two of his offspring. Pretty low-key and really nice. I hung out with my grandfather at the assisted living place for a while, too. He's 91 and fading, but I love talking to him.

  3. It's fun to gather the different generations together and see what they make of each other!

  4. I was totally inappropriate with my niece. 16 Candles and Boobies! ring a bell? Yeah. that was me.

  5. What? I couldn't help it. I saw her 6 weeks ago and she was flat as a pancake. Now? She's a good AB cup.

    I mean, where did they come from????

  6. First of all Mel has an adorable little shape that I would kill to have. Second... if I can have 35 people from all corners of the political spectrum at my house on election night without bloodshed everybody needs to find a way to deal.

    We all get a vote. We don't get a hammer with it.

    My Nistas are all beautiful. Gawd, who wouldn't find Mel absolutely precious????

  7. Nice--that sounds so can be crazy sometimes, eh? :D

  8. Amanda Brice1:33 PM

    23 people for dinner? Yikes! I've had cocktail parties that size, but never an actual dinner. Where do you put them all? I'm assuming it must be buffet style???

    The leargest Thanksgiving dinner I've never been to had 8 people, I think.