Thursday, December 04, 2008


Dear Reader,

Please be careful. There is a viral headache being passed around our blog. So far, at least three of the Nistas have had terrible headaches this week. I know nothing has worked for mine. Today it spread to my inner ear too.

The world doesn't seem to expect any less of me when I feel like 1/4 my usual self. So I need some creative headache cures that don't include burrowing back in my nest of a bed all day. Or any more advil because I'm one shy of an overdose.

So what crazy remedies did your grandma pass on to you? I am desperate.



  1. arkansascyndi9:22 AM

    Massage. Start face down. Have masseuse work on your upper back, neck and shoulders. After about 30 minutes, roll to your back for the rest of the massage.

    If it doesn't help, at least it can't hurt!

  2. I've had a headache two days this week. A sucky one.

    It's not a remedy exactly, but my grandma used to put cucumber peels around her kitchen whenever the little black ants showed up. For some reason, it sent them packing!

  3. massage sounds awesome

    Kristen--will that work on my headache the same as the ants? I'd eat the peels if I had to.

  4. netti pot! it works really well for sinus congestion.

    I'm fighting something right now, sipping hot tea. So I'll have to skip truth or dare with the Nistas this weekend.

  5. I think it totally depends what kind of headache it is.

    I had awful headaches too this week, and I took migraine medicine. :-)

    For sinus headaches, try claritin, and steam (long hot showers are good, and herbal tea, and chicken soup). Some people recommend spicy food.

    Tension headaches? Showers may help there too, or ibuprofen/aspirin, hot packs, a softer mattress, or something...

  6. My grandmother used to brush my hair when my head hurt.

    Also, you can pinch between your thumb and fore-finger-- the webby part of your hand.

  7. ((hugs)) no remedies, but i hope you're doing better now.