Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Email? What's that?

I just returned last night from a week long trip to Costa Rica. I'm tired, but it was a great trip that allowed us to see many parts of the country, from the beautiful coasts to the crowded cities. There are levels of poverty there that break your heart and yet, the people don't seem unhappy. but that's another post for another time.

While I was there I didn't check email or have a cell phone - a true tech vacation! Of course, I came home to 517 emails and spent several hours wading through them last night. That got me thinking...what's the longest you've gone without checking your email or using your cell phone? Could you give it up entirely? Or do you freak without it?


  1. I just went a week without email myself because of an unexpected trip. I thought I'd be in withdrawal by the third day, but it really wasn't so bad. Give it up entirely? :shudder: I'm not that strong.

  2. I've gone a week while away on vacation without email. It's not hard to be away but really hard to come back to and wade through.

  3. I was without for 2 weeks back in September while in Europe.
    I realized most of my e-mail stuff is white noise, not very important.
    Which made me sad.

  4. I'm not attached to my email as much as RD. If I had to give one up--bye bye gmail.

  5. It's wonderful to get a break from email and calls, but I get anxious...haha. So I like small bursts, but nothing long-term.

  6. I've gone as much as a couple of weeks... but not for a few years.

    Seems like over the past 5 or so years, e-mail has become my #1 way of communicating with people, so they just expect if they've sent me an e-mail, that I've seen it.

    I forgot to bring my laptop to nationals 2 years ago. It was horrible.

  7. The longest I went without e-mail and internet was last year at Christmastime when I was away for 15 days.
    I came back to over 800 e-mails many of which were loop digests. (25 times 800) Do the math on that number! LOL

    I enjoyed the time away from e-mails, and the obsessive need to check it. But wading through the mass when I come back made me want to live in a shack in the woods with no internet connection ever again. :)

  8. I don't freak but I do get antsy. Wow. 500 e-mails? Amazing.
    So, I hope you had fun. You have a future blog post about their contentment? Interesting.

  9. Amanda Brice10:42 AM

    I've gone for a couple of weeks while on vacation overseas. No email, no cell phone.


    And always come back to well over 500 emails in EACH email account. (And I have 4.) No joke.

    I loved Costa Rica when I went there about a year and a half ago. Such a beautiful country. Where did you go? What did you see?

    We need pictures!!!!!

  10. delete delete delete delete ...

    what does HE want?



    delete delete delete delete