Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I get the last post of 2008--YAY!

For 2009, I've decided to not only make writing goals/plans, but personal goals, too. Here are some of my personal goals:

1--I'm going to find time EVERY DAY to spend by myself.

2--I'm going to re-study Japanese again.

3--I'm going to read at least one new book a week (I may do a weekly post on my blog discussing the book I read--that could be fun!)

4--I'm going to learn at least 1 new dinner recipe a month.

5--I'm going to plan and book my dream trip to Japan!!

6--I'm going to come up with a sensible "diet" and exercise plan.

7--I'm going to use my foot spa and massage chair thingie at least once a week.

8--I'm going to get a for-realz massage at least once a month.

9--I'm going to get a new tattoo.

10--I'm going to make sure I drink at least one glass of tea per day.

What about you? Any goals you have for 2009? Funny, weird, serious--share 'em!!


  1. Amanda Brice10:37 AM

    I'm going to sell.

    Great goals, Rhonda!

  2. Amanda Brice10:38 AM

    Oh yeah. And I'm going to read less.

    I know that's a weird goal to list on a website devoted to books, but I read way too much. I think it's taking time away from my writing.

    157 books in one year is excessive, docha think?

  3. great goals. I wish I had some.

  4. ROFL Amanda--you REALLY read that many books?!?!?! Whoa, that's wild. And yes, I think selling is a FANTASTIC goal.

    Gwen--you can always borrow some of mine. ROFL. I always make too many...

  5. You have a tattoo? Have I seen it?

  6. I have THREE tattoos, actually...I don't think you've seen them. :D

  7. HAH--well, buy me a drink and I'll show ya. Oh, who am I kidding--I'll show ya anyway. :D

    My plan is to get a backpiece done...I'm torn between two, who knows?

  8. Amanda Brice12:34 PM

    Unless I messed up on counting, yes, that's how many I read in 2008.

    And you wonder why I haven't written anything substantive in a couple of months...

  9. I've been thinking I should post some book reviews too but I'm not sure how I want to go about it. I'd love to read your book posts if you do them, Rhonda!

  10. I am not making any plans until the year starts moving but one thing I can promise...