Friday, December 12, 2008

update on Headache Town

The Headache from Hades took off for parts unknown...for a few days. Then it came back.
So I went to my acupuncturist who gave me two different kinds of Chinese herbs, made me look like Pinhead from Hellraiser for half an hour, and is making me put salt water up my nose three times a day with a dropper.

Sometimes I wonder if she just wants to see if I'll really do whatever she says. (I have a week off from blow drying my feet every night, though. Apparently, my spleen channels are more open now, but I'm Yin deficient, so we're taking a break. Yes, I really did blow dry my feet every night. See? I do whatever she says.)

Can I just say that I have NO idea how people can snort lines of coke or whatever other drug you can snort now? It is TORTURE for me to put saline drops in my nose. I hate that feeling. It hurts and I don't like tasting something that went in my nose first.

So. That is my update. I will let you all know how it worked and whatever new torture she designs for me next week.


  1. Headaches are the worst. But I love the way you're so honest about trying to get rid of pain (I have a visual of you blow drying your feet now, though--LOL). Dude, I'd be doing all that stuff, too, on the off chance that it worked. I hope it goes away!!

  2. I'm thinking of making an excel sheet to track te barometer and my headaches. I suspect nature.

  3. That's actually a good idea, Gwen. I noticed that I could tell when a weather front was moving through the area by how bad my headaches and/or sinus pain got.

    I'm betting there's a correlation.


  4. Aw honey. SO sorry. Mwah.