Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cheap Gifts

No, this isn't a tirade on $5 Rudolph sweaters or half-price ties that play Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. It's a few suggestions on some less expensive, but great, gifts to give this year. With things being tight all over (and I'm not talking about my pants), homemade gifts are a fabulous way to feel extravagant without spending massive amounts of cash.

If you're good on the computer:
* A CD of family pictures set to music and edited with one of the movie maker programs complete with a custom label.
* An offer to build a website
* An offer to teach someone how to build a website, make a movie or whatever other computer skills you have

If you're crafty:
* Homemade bath salts - I make a lot of these
* Homemade body scrubs - ditto
* Jewelry - I even opened my own shop, I got so good at this.
* Hand-painted items - this category is endless. Example: Paint a flower pot and fill it with some seed packets and gardening gloves.

If you sew:
* Reusable grocery bags - you could even monogram these or dress them up with iron on transfers
* Make ties (see here for instructions)
* Sew a custom stuffed monster!

If you cook:
* Make cookies/cocoa/soup in a jar
* Offer to teach someone how to cook!
* Make a recipe book with pictures.

For more crafty gift ideas, Google is your friend - just type in homemade gifts. The ideas are endless! Or check out this blog: Craftzine. Christmas doesn't have to be expensive. Get some friends together and make a day of gift-making. How much fun would that be?! Have you ever made your own gifts before? What kind of stuff have you done?


  1. This year I made gifts for my mother and mother-in-law. They're both getting hand-crocheted blankets. Otherwise, I usually bake cookies to hand out to friends and my hubby's co-workers. Speaking of which, I'd better get cracking... ;o)

  2. I'm not crafty--AT ALL. But my friend just made me an ornament that I absolutely adore.

  3. These are great ideas! I've been busy knitting little animals for some of our kid friends and relatives. And making scarves and music cds for our teachers.

    Now...back to writing...knitting...writing...

  4. look at you! you're so domestic. lovely ideas!!

  5. For the cookie/cake/candy makers out there, Kate's Paperie has some adorable gift boxes perfect for handing out your goodies!

  6. Amanda Brice1:34 PM

    I've always done crafty homemade gifts, and now that I don't actually need to do them I still do, simply because I think homemade gifts are more thoughtful than something bought at the store.

  7. I'm crafticapped.
    But I buy homemade gifts on etsy.com

  8. Yes, lovely ideas and as Gwen mentioned... BUY DIVA WHEN POSSIBLE.