Saturday, December 20, 2008


It snowed last night. Not the wimpy, little dusting we've already had, but the real deal that we've been waiting for. I don't care how old you are or how jaded you've become. Around here this is special an the kid emerges from the basement of every soul. It SNOWED. It covered everything and we awoke to a sense of softness, sounds made dimmer by the thick layer on the house. Morning light was more pearly and had no sharp angles to it. There as a smell... a slight, softened edge to the air like springwater, but with no trace of green. If you live in New England or a place with a similar climate you know what I mean. You don't need to look outside to know it snowed. You rush to the window because you know already.

And there it is... a thick blanket (the dustings don't count) made for careening down hills, sliding over big back yards, and building monstrosities of white. Snowmen, snow houses, igloos, you name it. The holiday decorations are suddenly magical. Every nativity scene achingly beautiful. The boats in the harbor decked out in ridiculous lights, wreaths, santa hats... nobody embraces the winter like our local lobstermen. I think you have to be slightly insane to do the job anyway.

We deck our lighthouses with holly and bay. We greet N'oreasters with grins and hot cider (usually spiced with something suspiciously stronger than cinnnamon). We build snow-lobsters and snow-forts and have snowball fights with mailmen we've known for years. We're not right in the head, I guess.

Must be all the snow. :)


  1. We are covered in snow too...and we never get snow that stays. It's long as I have cocoa and power.

  2. Yes, the storm swept through here yesterday morning, increasing our season total to date to 31 inches - almost five times our normal amount for December! We added to it again this afternoon, with more expected over the next few days. As pretty as it is, I've had more than enough snow for a while!

  3. I love the quiet of a good snow. There's no replicating that.

  4. Amanda Brice10:30 AM

    Ugh...keep it away from me. Unless you're in elementary school or near a ski slope, there is no good reason for snow. None.

  5. Beautiful.

    I love snow when I don't have to drive in it...ROFL