Monday, December 29, 2008

sports movies

I'm a huge fan of sports related movies. Friday Night Lights, We Are Marshall, Bull Durham, Hoosiers, Jerry McGuire, Juwanna Mann (seriously, too funny)--you name a sports film, I've probably scene it. More than once. Hell my favorite TV Show of all time was Sports Night--which was about sports casters.

Last week, I spent some time rewatching favorite movies. Friday was Bull Durham. There is a scene in that movie that makes every girl weak at the knees. Crash Davis set the bar high for men all across the world with this speech: (strong language warning)

And yesterday, while folding laundry, I watched my all-time favorite sports movie, The Replacements, starring Gene Hackman and Keanu Reeves. It wasn't a blockbuster hit, but I could watch this movie every time it's on. Wait, I do watch this movie every time it's on. And I watch it other times as well because it's on my keeper shelf.

This is my favorite scene in the movie. It cracks me up every time. Is it realistic? I dunno. But it's funny as hell. The best part of the scene? The very last line. So watch it all the way to the end. (sexual content warning)

Are you a fan of sports movies and tv?


  1. I dated a guy who played one of the football players in The Replacements, so I guess that makes me a fan. lol

  2. HAH--nice...I love The Replacements, too. I'm not a big sports-movie fan, but that one cracks me UP.

  3. Amanda Brice3:41 PM

    I love sports movies, but then again, I love sports.

    My all-time fave is "Hoosiers", but I also really like "The Natural", "Remember the Titans" (the high school in that movie is the one my kids will go to if I ever have kids and we stay here), and "Field of Dreams."

  4. I love all of these, but especially Bull Durham. That was a moment.

  5. SKIP: You guys. You lollygag the ball around the infield. You lollygag your way down to first. You lollygag in and out of the dugout. You know what that makes you? Larry!
    LARRY: Lollygaggers!
    SKIP: Lollygaggers.

  6. I guess I don't have a favorite sports movie. Wait...Ice Castles. Does that count?