Friday, December 19, 2008

Warning: Reading this post may cause cavities

I'd like everyone to mee the newest member of Gwen's family. I'd introduce you more formally, but he hasn't exactly told us his name yet. (My characters ALWAYS tell me their name right away, I'm a little miffed at the Lil Dude for keeping it to himself.)

So far the names in the lead are:
Frank (Frankincense)
Clark (for my favorite movie Christmas Vacation)
Walter (Walter is our favorite weatherman and we got puppy right during an unheard of arctic blast. Ever try housebreaking a puppy in the snow? In the middle of the night?)
And Mel likes Wally. Updated at 9:15 Friday morning (Pac time)
Lil Dude has informed me that his name is Wiley.
And he says hello. And he also says that he would like one of you to talk Mom out of giving him the bath she's been talking about all morning.


  1. OMG HE IS ADORABLE!!!! Any of those names are cracking me up...LOL

  2. I still vote for Optimus Prime.

    And yes, my teeth hurt after seeing those pics. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

  3. Anonymous9:13 AM

    OMG - Isn't puppy breath the best!

    Clark for Christmas Vacation - The best Christmas movie EVER!

  4. I keep calling him Clark but I'm not sure it will stick.

    He's very scrappy--but I can't call him that because Scrappy totally ruined Scooby Doo.

  5. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I told my kid the next time we get a dog we're naming it Side Table like on Blue's Clues, my hubby was like WTF for and I replied "exactly".

    Hi, Wiley!!! You are wicked cute, Son.

    I predict little Wiley will cause you no end of delight, laughter and puddles (we're hard to train)

  7. Jacks tend to be hyper but Bostons are pretty laid back, so that's going to be a cool combination.

    He's gorgeous and Wiley is a very cool name.

  8. yeah! he has a name! And I almost picked it! So close.

  9. Amanda Brice10:33 AM

    Welcome Wiley!!!!!

    OMG, he's adorable.