Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Holly Hobbiest

I think it's really important not to put all your mental eggs in one basket. (How's that for an image?) What I mean is that while focusing on one thing is great, it can cause burnout. I went through that with writing a few months ago. I was so focused on writing and all things writing related, my love for the craft had disappeared.

I'd begun to think of it as a chore. Not good. Especially when I want to write for a living. That got me to do some thinking about all the other things I used to do, but put aside for one reason or another. Why couldn't I still do some of those things? They were still creative outlets, like writing, but most importantly, they weren't writing.

That's when I decided to start making jewelry again. I'd done it in high school and sold pieces in my mom's clothing store. Why not do it now? So I dusted off my bead box, reacquainted myself with the supplies in there, then went off to the craft store to restock.

It's a great outlet and I've never been happier! Unlike writing, making jewelry lets you see the end result pretty quick. I might even start selling some pieces on Ebay. It's given me the "other" outlet I so desperately needed. Not to mention I love making pieces for friends.

What are your hobbies? Are there any you've put aside? Restarted? Talk to me!


  1. Making jewelry? I've always wanted to do that but never actually got to it. Maybe now.
    I paint. Pictures, walls, rocks, any inanimate object will do.

  2. I make jewelry, too. I love it! I haven't done it in a while, though. I like using it as an outlet form my writing. When I'm 'stuck' but need to keep the creative juices flowing, I'll pull out my jewelry tool box, make a necklace, and voila! I'll be able to write the next scene!

  3. Fun post. It ties in with with my theme for the day too. I love to be creative in different ways. Right now my thing is knitting. It's not immediate but lots of fun, well, sometimes. I'd love to try jewelry too and would love to see some of yours.

  4. I'm a knitter also. As long as it is a one piece thing, because I am no sewer. So, I knit scarves or shawls or blankets.

    And I kind of like scrapbooking. But then kind of I hate the process of dragging all that stuff out.

    I find that the knitting or solitaire (which is not creative but has the same effect on me) keeps my left brain on busy work so my right brain can solve plot puzzles.

  5. Dancing. I was very serious as a teenager, but I went to college and didn't pursue dance as a career. But I always continued to dance throughout college (first in ballet, then in flamenco, and eventually I joined my school's intercolligate ballroom dance team).

    But when I went to law school, I stopped. I recently took it back up again (maybe 2 or 3 years ago) and now I take a ballet class once a week and an 18th century English country dancing class once a week. And I'll be in Nutcracker again this year.

    Other than that, I guess writing is my other hobby, although I'm now working towards pursuing it as a secondary career, so I guess it doesn't truly count as a hobby anymore. But it's my main creative outlet and use it as a release from my day job.

  6. I used to do a ton of beadwork. Haven't in ages except for a cellini spiral bracelet I made for a sick friend this summer.

    Weird, though... been thinking about it lately. I found a tub container full of beaded cabachon necklaces I'd forgotten about!

    I also love graphics, sketching, and photography. :)

  7. I want pictures of that jewelery you're making.
    Hobbies, huh? Hmmm... Well, I like to cook--the funkier the better as far as recipes go. I like to garden too.

  8. I just took up crocheting a couple years ago. It's a great way to let my mind wander so I can get back on track. (But it's only good in the wintertime. Otherwise, it's too hot.) I used to draw, but it's been a few years. The only other thing I do I think might be a hobby is playing poker. Oh, and birdwatching, but I don't really put a lot of effort into that.

  9. ATCs. They're like art crack for the art challenged.

  10. I adore photography...that's one of my hobbies. :D

  11. Needlework -- mostly counted cross stitch, but some canvaswork and hardanger. I love that I can work on something while I'm watching TV. I work on 4-6 projects at the same time, switching off so I don't get bored.

    And I have discovered ATC cards with the help of a few friends. (smile) But that's something to do as a group.