Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm In Love

That's not an icecube she's holding, it's an almost 500 carat diamond found recently in a South African mine. Estimates say it could yield a flawless center stone of nearly 150 carats, which would bring somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million dollars or more.

I'd just like to hold it. Just for a minute.

Granted, I'm not even close to living the kind of life a diamond like that would feel comfortable in, I just want to get next to it and see what it's like.

Sparklies are a weakness. Like a Myna bird or a Valkyrie (according to the Kresley Cole books), I am drawn to things that reflect light. I've worn a diamond of some kind (an inheirited engagement ring to start with) since I was in 9th grade. Currently, I'm never without my diamond wedding band, solitaire necklace and toe ring. Yes, I wear a diamond toe ring. Because that's the kind of silly, fluffy girl I am.

Everyone has a weakness of the silly variety. What's yours?


  1. NICE--my sister is like a crow, drawn to sparklies, too!!

    My weakness...ooooh good question. It would likely be shoes, ROFL.

  2. My mom loves diamonds. She has more of them than you can count. They cover her fingers. One is five carats, super high quality. Another is four carats. Me? When I inherit them, I'm going to sell them. I'm just not that sentimental, and I'm not into that much bling.

    My weakness, I would say, is back rubs. Lol. Or sweatshirts. My closet is full of them.

  3. I too would like to hold it. Who and I fooling own it! I love diamonds too. Not very ornate ones all done up but tasteful one and lots of them. I love a pair of studs and my simple engagement ring and I have a diamond anniversary band. I'll never turn down a diamond.

  4. Hey, I love diamonds as much as any girl, but I do happen to have a silly weakness for expensive kitchen appliances. (I know, I've got problems)
    But I just love to stroll through Lowes or Kitchen Appliance stores and check out their warming ovens, double decker dishwashers and stand alone ice makers--and DREAM. LOL!

  5. weakness: big rings--retro costume jewelry etc.

  6. Chocolate.
    Definitely chocolate.

    Too bad they can't use that diamond to help all the orphans over there.

  7. I happen to be a diamond girl too. Really into the bling. My other weakness would be purses.

  8. I'll confess. I don't get the whole toe ring thing. It drives me nuts just to have a wrinkle in my sock so I can't imagine having a metal band around my toe while walking.

  9. I know it's considered cool to say you prefer _insert other gem here_ to diamonds.

    I love diamonds.