Friday, September 12, 2008


That is how I feel lately. Kinda...down, but for no reason. It's too early for winter doldrums and I usually find Autumn invigorating.

I know we all have phases where we have less energy or enthusiasm--but I have a lot of things I should be doing--and not enough energy to tackle any of them. Part of my issue is pushing myself through this infection that I've had instead of resting when I should --but that only explains why I'm physically drained. Where is my mojo? Where or where can it be?

And so we come to the actual point of the post (you knew I had one right?)
When you get the Monday Blues that last all week...what is your favorite pick-me-up?
I'm especially willing to try those that involve food.


  1. CHOCOLATE! *grin* In college it was chocolate milkshakes. Currently it's either rootbeer floats or haggan-daz pomegranate-chocolate ice cream popsicles. Yum.
    My mum always suggests meditation. She gets acupuncture and swears by it for keeping her healthy (she's a doctor, so if she swears by alternative medicine you know its gotta be good!) Sometimes you just have to cuddle up with a good book and some hot milk and honey and indulge yourself.
    Take care of yourself!

  2. Anonymous1:38 AM

    Hot chocolate chip cookies with a glass of cold milk.

    Now, having said that, the nurse side of me much scold you for being sick and not resting. What people don't realize is that continuing to push push push, they are actually prolonging recovery, especially if you've got a viral infection.

    If you're not physically sick, then exercise is the answer. But hey, getting me to do exercise is like getting the sun to rise at midnight. Might happen but if it does, watch out!

    Chin up. Hope your blahs get better. Unfortunately, we are probably going to be stuck in the house with Ike this weekend.

  3. Instead of eating crap, maybe you should eat something really healthy - like a smoothie packed with all sorts of good things. Your body might be low on some vitamins, you know?

    Other than that, I agree exercise would help. Maybe just an easy walk to start. Releasing some endorphins would certainly help boost your mood.

    I do understand where you're coming from. I felt this way earlier in the summer. Basically, it took me getting mad and taking action (in the form of writing a book that was just for me) to shake me out of it.

    You'll get there, you'll see.

  4. may hate this, but believe it or not, two of my favorite make-me-feel-better foods are chips/salsa and spinach salad. The salsa always opens up my sinuses, which is often the thing that drags me down. And I don't know what it is about spinach salad...

    But my absolute lifeline is hot tea. We have a great cafe just a mile up the road that has over 100 different teas. So I always have a supply on hand. So, huddled over a cup of tea, I sit down at my computer and hope I can get into the writing flow...

    Hope you feel better, soon, Gwen.

  5. thanks everyone!
    These are great ideas. I can probably combine them all this weekend too.

    Feeling blah is just no fun at all. I want happy fun time back.

  6. Dance class. It always invigorates me and makes me feel happy. Doesn't matter what style either -- ballet, tap, jazz, belly dance, ballroom. It's all good.

  7. I love the ideas left on here--delicious tea/healthy snacks, as well as some faboo chocolate. Listen to some upbeat music that always puts you in a good mood.

    Try stepping away from the computer and going out to refill your creative well--a museum or whatever.

    Or, give yourself permission to write something utterly crazy/weird/unlike your usual writing. It can kick-start your feeling of invigoration.

    ((hugs)) let us know what you do!

  8. I try to get out of the house and isolate myself... in a happy place. Like:

    Barnes and Noble Starbucks Cafe
    Au Bon Pain (free wireless and awesome goodies)
    The Harbor
    My Friend Roxy's House

    If I stay around people I get worse.

  9. rockin' music and a bottle of wine. Yes, I said bottle. LOL

    A good movie helps too. Even a tear jerker. Sometimes you just need to cry and get it all out.

  10. Ice cream.
    People tell me exercise is really better but thats not what Ben and Jerry tell me. Who ya gonna believe?