Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Which is better--fame or respect?

Writers have different reasons for wanting to publish their work.

Some want fame, to be in the limelight. To have lots and lots and lots of people read their novels. The more people who read their writing, the more hype and buzz can be built...which means the more novels that are sold and read.

Other writers want respect, both of their peers and of credited, authoritative reviewers--they want the prestigious awards. They want the professional acclaim. They want their work to be lauded as brilliant, crafty, and engrossing.

Are these two goals inclusive of each other? Can there be overlap? Absolutely--there are plenty of fantastic novels that are both famous and awarded. And when those two happen, you usually have the money to go along with it. haha

Let's play a game. Let's say you're a novelist, and you can only have one option with your book--either widespread fame, or literary respect. Which would you choose?

I'd love to have professional respect, but I'd choose widespread fame. I'd love the opportunity to have scads of people reading my work! After all, what good does a book do if it's lauded and awarded, but sitting on a dusty shelf unread? And for YA, some teens/kids shy away from award-winning books, afraid that they're going to be "message" books that try to "teach" them something. Blech--the humanity! haha

So, dish your choice and why you feel that way. I'd love to hear!

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  1. I think I'd like a mix of both.

  2. Hey, you cheated! haha.

    Of course we want a mix of both (I certainly do!!), but you were supposed to pick just one for the game! LOL

  3. We can't have both?

    Hmmm...this is hard. Because a lot of books with "fame" are actually pretty craptastic. No, definitely not all. But fame doesn't equal "good" always.

  4. Exactly--it's a tough call. Not all famous books are good. And not all professionally lauded books are famous.

  5. I'm not even gonna front.


    If I'm famous enough, I'll get respect by default. Naturally. LOL

  6. ROFL--hahahaha I'm with ya, Mel. We'll be famous together, yo.

  7. I don't care much for literary acclaim. I write what I read...and it's for entertainment purposes. I'm the girl who hasn't usually seen any of the Oscar nominated films cuz I'm watching "Blades of Glory" instead.

  8. I want fame, riches and eternal health for myself and my loved ones.

    Is one of you holding a genie hostage by any chance?

  9. Tough choice! I'm going with fame. I want readers. Then I wouldn't have to angst about "My book is respected, why won't people read it?" I'm used to angsting about not getting respect.

  10. Fame. I'll donate a % of my wads of money to the animal shelter, earning the respect of puppys everywhere.

    resulting in mass amounts of poochie smoochies... *sigh* a girl can dream.