Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Funerals--how do you want to go?

While searching my mind for a good topic for today, I remembered something the manpanion and I had talked about a while ago...funerals.

Yeah, cheery! I do solemnly promise this won't be down-in-the-dumps depressing, okay? LOL

So anyway, he and I were talking about how we wanted our funeral to go (because you know, couples who are going to stay together should know this about each other). The manpanion at first was saying he wanted to be cremated, and I told him no way--I was going to stuff him and put him on the couch. That way, we could be together forever...and ever...and ever...haha (because of course, I assume he's going to go first, LOL).

Then, the manpanion came up with a new idea--he now wants a viking funeral. He wants to be floated off on a viking ship that's set on fire...and then, I have to fling my body onto the top so I can join him in Valhalla as his wench/maiden/whatever.

Nice...and dramatic, of course.

My sister and I had talked about it before, too, and she said she wants a New Orleans-style funeral, with the jazz band playing down the street and a party atmosphere. I'm sure there will be beads involved somewhere. LOL

As for me, I have no idea. I'm gonna have to think of something good to top those. Anyone have any ideas? I was thinking it might be cool to have my ashes scattered somewhere neat, but if the wind blows the wrong way, that could be a whole lotta mess. LOL

So, how do YOU want your funeral to go?


  1. Put me in a hefty bag and leave me on the curb. Once I'm dead, I don' really care.

  2. I'm going to turn Fishdog into a synthetic diamond:

    I want to be cremated and sprinkled on the beach.

  3. *snort* Mel, that idea is BRILLIANT! Maybe I'll turn the manpanion into a synthetic diamond, too. HAHAHAHA how romantic...I'm sure he'd LOVE that.

  4. Okay, cremate me, take me to Ireland with the family, and sprinkle me over W.B. Yeat's gravesite. (I hope he doesn't mind sharing...)

  5. I told my kids to turn me into a diamond too.


  6. Ghost Girl--I love it! That's just awesome and so creative.

    Gwen...that's hilarious. Becoming a diamond--how crazy is that?!

  7. Oh dear, a Viking funeral? HAHAHA! I have to say, at this point dead is dead. Someone should create a mystery around my death.

  8. OMG I adore that idea--we could get all Scooby Doo on you, eh?