Monday, September 22, 2008

Dear Girls,

I went to Oxford, MS this weekend. (Actually, I've been the last three weekends as we have a house for sale by owner there and we have to show on the weekends, but I digress.)

So Friday night, I go out with my friends Andrea and Mika. Oxford is a college town and it was a 'game day' weekend, so the square was packed with tons of coeds and frat boys.

And that's when I realized I needed to teach every girl under the age of 25 a lesson.

Less is more.

And I'm not talking about 'less clothing.' I think that's pretty well taken care of as it is. I'm talking about these girls who are out on the town, trying way too hard.

Stilettos, designer jeans, short-shorts or skirts, skin tight tops, too much makeup and way over-done hair.

If there were 500 girls on the square Friday night, 490 of them looked exactly the same.

It was sad. And disconcerting. Not one person really was out there as themselves. And the girls who were trying so damn hard to get a guy to notice them, were going about it all the wrong way.

Because when you slide into those 4 inch heels, and slap on all that makeup, you're not doing it for the're doing it to impress the other girls.

Here's a well kept secret: Guys could give a shit about all that. Even when you're out clubbing.

It's true.

When I stopped trying so hard, I started getting noticed. I could go out in a cotton tank top, a pair of jeans, and my flip-flops and I would get hit on twice as much as when I went 'all out.' And watching the swarming frat boys on Friday night, guess who they were going for? Not the girls in the glitter and stilettos, but the girls in the shorts and flip-flops.

Guys want girls who are comfortable in their own skin. If you're going out on a Friday night to meet a guy, you need to be yourself. I'm not saying you can't dress up, but don't go over the top and please, try very hard not to look like all your girlfriends. No guy wants to date a Stepford girl. And if he does--I can promise that you don't want to date that guy.


  1. So true. I like to dress up for the man, but still as myself. (otherwise, well, that's a 'nother post all together. :grin:)
    Yeah, I can't stand that people aren't realizing their folly and doing more harm than good and just, well, wasting time.

  2. if they wouldn't kid themselves about who they're dressing up for, it be a whole different story. But saying it's for the guys is just not true. Girls get dressed up for girls. Guys really don't care.

  3. I have to say, I love dressing up. Love it. Hotrod likes when I knock it out the park, too. He's one of those guys who likes the hair and make-up.

    I love being a girl, so I think the dressing up is part of that. Plus, I'm normally in yoga pants and tank top when I'm working, so getting out of the house is a chance to wear everything else in my closet.

    Heck, I rock the hair, makeup and heels when I'm going to church! lol

  4. YAYYYYYY--good post! SOOOO TRUE. It's totally awesome to dress up, but you don't need to be a duplicate of everyone else there and go overboard. ROFL

  5. You said: "If there were 500 girls on the square Friday night, 490 of them looked exactly the same."

    I say: Welcome to Italy. ...sigh...

    If you want to see true Stepford Chicks, come here. So many of the girls (still in school, especially) look so much alike, it's difficult to tell them all apart. And yes, they're all doing this silliness for each other.

    Then again, most of the boys like just alike, too! LOL!

    What can you do, though? They'll never listen to the wisdom of those of us old enough to be their, um... Older sisters. ;)

  6. I think there is a difference when you are dressing up to go out looking for boys (like Melly is talking about) and when you are dressing up for one in particular too.

    When you catch "the one" and you dress up for him for a date (even if you've been married for 15 years)it makes him feel special.

    When you are one in a "swarm" it doesn't have the same effect.

  7. Words to live by, Mel. ;-) Great post.

  8. What Mel said.

    I'm not a pretty woman. When I'm healthy and really work it I can be cute; and believe me, that's FINE.

    But I never have lacked for male attention and I have also never worked for it.

    The in-your-face-here-are-my-boobs-my-butt-is-coming thing just screams "insecure."