Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jane Austen Ball

OK, OK, I know. I'm a slacker. The Jane Austen Ball was more than a month ago.

But I don't know how to download pictures from my camera (yes, I really am that techno-illiterate, it's true), and Mr. Brice only gets around to doing that ever so often. And I didn't really have a good idea for today's post, so voila! Outated pics I should have posted a month ago.


Anyway, the ball was super fun. I felt like I was an Austen heroine! Naturally, I want to be Lizzie Bennet.


  1. OMG! OMG those are so stinking COOL!!! I'm jealoussssssssss...I wonder if I could get the manpanion to throw on some knickers and take me. HAHAHA

  2. You and Mr Brice are ADORABLE- so cute!

  3. Very cool. It looks like a movie set!

  4. The ballroom is authentic. It's the ballroom at Gadsby's Tavern, which was built in 1785, in Alexandria, VA.

    George Washington actually attended the "Birthnight Ball" in his honor the last two years of his life at Gadsby's.

    I attend classes there every Tues night, so if you come to DC a little early next year (before RWA Nationals), let me know if you want to come to a class! It's super fun and the ballroom is just dripping with history.

  5. awesome! You look gorgeous. :) Thanks for posting. :D

  6. purtiful!
    My husband would never go for it, and frankly i'm not coordinated enough either.

  7. Love these pics

  8. Lovely pictures! And what a lovely room. Ah, I see, 1785 -- that makes sense! (When we have Jane Austen Balls here in Southern California, a period room's not an option.) ;-)

    What was your favorite dance, Amanda? And was it all English country dances, or did you do waltzes or reels or something?

    Call me curious...


  9. I am so envious! I would LOVE to do this!