Saturday, February 06, 2010

Black History Month

Most of you know that February is Black History Month. I've actually been soaking up some of the specials running on History Channel, Learning Channel, even Disney. I love history. I am a Harriet Tubman fan. Recently my two youngest nephews, in kindergarten and first grade, have been talking about Martin Luther King Jr. They celebrated his holiday last month, and carried some of those lessons into this month, too.

I thought a great deal about Dr. King during this past election. This is not a political blog, but I don't think anyone will mind me saying I did not vote for President Obama. Yet I remember tearing up during his acceptance speech. How could I not? Regardless of my own preferences, this was a huge historical moment. And it did make me wonder what Dr. King might have said. Certainly he would have been proud.

His final speech is one I have always found both prophetic and moving. When he says, not knowing how soon his death is to come, "I may not get there with you," I always start to cry a little.

In honor of Black History Month and Dr. King I share his image, memory, and incredibly powerful words here today.


  1. They just erected a statue of Harriet Tubman at my alma mater since she was born just minutes from there.

  2. He was amazing. The world needs more men like him.

  3. What Gwen said. Seriously.