Friday, February 05, 2010

She had fun, fun, fun til her daddy took the T-bird away....

First Cars....ah.

My daughter is shopping for her first. She found one she likes and is taking it to a mechanic today to make sure it doesn't have any obvious defects. I'm really proud of her for saving the money (we told her we'd pay half) and she's being very responsible about the whole thing.

My first car was a HUGE oxidized blue Cadillac with tail fins. If it hadn't had the tail fins, I never would have been able to go in reverse because I couldn't see the back end and it was big. The car never ran well, but it had sort of that Love Shack vibe (we used to sing "hop in my Caddy it's as big as a whale and it's about to set saiiiil").

What was your first car like?


  1. 1965 Pontiac Catalina. No heater, so we had to drive to high school wrapped in quilts during the winter. HUGE yacht. I remember it was white with blue interior. Trunk big enough to store many dead bodies.

  2. My first car was sweet! 1974 Super Beetle. Of course, it wasn't sweet when my dad found it in a chicken coop and it only went in 2nd and reverse, had more rust than paint and a flattened pizza box covering the hole that was the driver's seat, but after restoration it was cherry red with a black and white houndstooth interior. I loved that car!

  3. OMG it was ghetto...we called it the smurfmobile. It was a little chevette piece of crap, and I loved it because it was all mine! :D

  4. My first official car was my husband's (fiance at the time). He bought a second car and gave me his...1987 Nissan Maxima...fully loaded! Yeah baby!

  5. I got my first car for college graduation...she was red, she had a working radio, and I named her Margaret. She had six cylinders and had a bit of trouble going up big hills until a mechanic pointed out to me that she really had eight cylinders...which gave her more confidence, so hills were no longer a problem! ;-)


  6. Amanda Brice6:21 PM

    Mine was an 89 Hyundai Excel.

    I still feel bad for my brother, because we bought it together (I paid like 70% because I would get it first, and then it would be his when I went to college) but he never got to drive it because I crashed into a tree and totaled it during the summer after I graduated high school.

    I offered him my 99 Escort to make up for it this past fall when I bought a new car. He didn't take me up on the offer. Wonder why.

  7. 73 Dodge Dart that wouldn't go in reverse.

    But LATER I had the mother of all hand-me-downs... a 79 gold Caddy Sedan Deville that had (so help me gawd) black and white striped interior and stereo dials with 14 karat gold olive leaf designs.

    My dad bought it off a pimp who needed bail money. He swears. And frankly, who else would own it?

  8. 1961 Ford Falcon. saving it so we can fix it up for my nephew so it can be his first ride (this summer).