Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Stupid Cupid, doling out advice to you today!

Hi, everyone! I'm Felicity Walker, and I'm taking over the Fictionistas blog today. Mwahahahaaaaaa. As you may have heard, I am a brand-new matchmaker (but don't tell my friends, because they totally don't know! They think I'm working in the billing department. haha, SUCKAS!). That's my picture up above, posing with a super-festive red heart. On a side note, I totally love those pants I'm wearing--they are my favs.

Aaaaanyway, I asked the Fictionistas what I should blog about, and they suggested I do an advice column. What a fantastic idea! I love helping others--it gives me a thrill of joy. There's nothing better than bringing a little glimpse of happiness into someone's life, whether through advice or making matches. The Fictionistas even started me off with a few questions for me to answer. Hooray! So, here we go--advice from yours truly:

Q from Mel: How can you tell if a boy is just trying to be cool or if he's just not that into you?

A: Wow. Good question! Here's what I think--there's a difference of being into you and not digging you at all. Whether he's acting cool, shy, or assertive, if he's into you, he's still going to want to be around you. He'll ask you questions and really listen to the answers. Or you'll find that he's looking at you when you least expect it, like when you're working on an art project, and you glance up, and your eyes lock with his, and then you totally get nervous and drop your paintbrush, and you splatter red paint all over the front of your hot new shirt that is SUPPOSED to make your cleavage look bigger but doesn't seem to be working...uh, that may have happened to me, and I may be painfully wishing that particular guy is into me. Anyway, guys who aren't into you at all won't make lots of direct eye contact. They won't make an effort to get to know you at all. Because they suck.

Q from Chrissy: What does a great relationship require to last after the arrow magic fades?

A: HAH, when I figure that out, I'll let you know. In theory, the stupid handbook I have says that if you have a bunch of compatibility factors, plus some quotients of other stuff, mixed with graphs and charts and some other technological hooey, that you should be an awesome cupid. But I fell asleep reading that crap. Basically, I'm winging it right now. In MY opinion, a great relationship should have compatibility, yes, but there should also be chemistry. That desire to be around the other person and get to know them. Laughs, and fun too!

Q from Gwen: I'm not sure the hero in my book is very good for my heroine. Why do good girls like bad boys so much?

A: Bad boys are so hot, aren't they? There's something irresistable about the idea of attracting a bad boy who is totally wrong for you, someone who finds himself compelled to be around you. I'm not sure why we like them so much, but we sure do. Well, not me--the guy I am in love with is totally awesome and not a bad boy at all, though he's incredibly HOT AND SUPER SMART. By the way, I really want to read your book now, Gwen. haha

And now, I'm opening up the questions for you guys! Anyone have any advice they're seeking about love, friendship, anything at all? Drop a comment in this post, and I'll answer ya! Thanks sooooo much, guys!


  1. Oh Felicity...I totally relate to your paintbrush story. Except for me, it was a black coffee on a white shirt. My Tide pen totally ran out of ink that day.

  2. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Oh no, Mel!! I am so sorry to hear that. It always happens when we're wearing white, doesn't it? haha


  3. What's your favorite thing about being a matchmaker?

  4. Julie Florence3:43 PM

    Felicity, why do my friends find the stupidest, most arrogant jerks attractive? Like this one guy Ben (I call him Beemer b/c his initials are BMW). He thinks he's so hot, but he's completely brainless. Just because his dad's a Senator doesn't make him all that, you know? but my friends think he's amazing.

    What's up with that?

  5. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Kristen--my absolute fav thing about being a matchmaker is seeing people find lasting happiness in love. I mean, true bliss. So many people are together but not happy with each other, and I just don't know why. Like my parents--before I matched them up, they were boring. Now, they won't stop being on each other. ICK. Anyway, if I can help them find each other, then I've just done one good thing for the world, yanno?

    Julie--OMG girl, I know what you mean. We have peckerheads in my school also who are hot...and they totally know it! I hate that arrogance, that smarminess. Though secretly, you can kind of see why people are drawn to them...I mean, there IS something to a confident, sexy dude, yes? Maybe guys like that are a lot easier to deal with when they aren't talking. HAHA. Good luck, yo.


  6. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your story, Felicity!!

    And I recommend STUPID CUPID as the ideal Valentine's Day gift!!

  7. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Awwwwww thanks, Chrissy!


  8. Thanks for coming by Felicity!