Monday, February 22, 2010

weird food

My dad will open a can of peaches and then crumble Oreos over them. It is one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen, but he loves it.

One of my favorite sandwiches on earth is a bacon sandwich. BUT it has to be prepared a specific way. White bread. Mayo and ketchup mixed together on one slice. Mustard and American cheese on the other. Good crispy bacon in between.

Best sandwich ever but a lot of people find it disgusting.

I also prefer to drink a big cold glass of milk with my pizza. Nobody gets that either.

Tell me: what food do you eat that others find weird?


  1. Cinnamon Sticks. You're not even meant to EAT them. They are just put in dishes for the flavour. But I think they taste quite..interesting, spicy (in a sweet way), and um..jazzy? :D

  2. I can understand the milk and pizza thing. I don't think there's anything I eat that would be considered especially weird, but there's also not much I wouldn't eat, so...

  3. Anonymous10:24 AM

    DH and I love anchovy and mushroom pizza. Maybe not all that weird, but we never have to share in our neck of the woods..

    (Here via E Moon's LJ post about your previous post, FYI)

  4. Peaches and oreos? Uh, yeah. That's quite gag-inducing.

    I'm that girl who has to separate her food on her plate by at least a quarter of an inch so the flavors don't mix. I'm getting better...but some people think I'm weird when I dip fried chicken into honey.

  5. HAH awesome topic. Ummmmmmm let's see. I put ketchup on everything, pretty much. A lot of people think that's gross. :-P

  6. K, Mel's just weird.

    But I like to crunch up potato chips and shove them into my chicken salad sammiches.

    Also I used to date a guy who dipped his fries in his milkshakes.

    And I put cocoa powder in my chili.

  7. am not weird.

    And I think French fries and milkshakes are the bomb.

    I also like my bacon with syrup.

    Okay, let's face it...the reason I'm no longer a vegetarian is bacon. I love it. I don't eat it often, but boy when I do...

  8. Amanda Brice2:08 PM

    I dip almonds into guacamole.

    and my favorite snack when i was pregant was to just dump a bag of shredded cheese onto a plate, add a little garlic powder, microwave it, and eat it with a spoon.

  9. I dip my french fries in tartar sauce, but I don't think that's weird.

    Um...I eat the potato skin of my baked potato?