Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Umbrella Day! Yes, you heard me right.

Did you guys know today is Umbrella Day? Did you know they made an entire day to celebrate the magical wonders of the...umbrella? No? Neither did I, or probably anyone else in the free world, until I put my google-fu to the test and uncovered this most mysterious of holidays.

Why Umbrella Day? Well, I have no idea. But let's go over how awesome umbrellas are:

--They come in all different colors, so you can accessorize them with your favorite galoshes or rainjacket.

--They protect you from the rain...unless, that is, they get flipped inside out and you curse loudly because the wind is whipping so hard you can't get it fixed and your hair is a huge knotty tangle and you show up to wherever you're going looking like a hot mess.

--Ummmmmmm, I'm kinda running out of reasons why umbrellas are so awesome. Wait! I got one--they come in all shapes and sizes. Need a portable one? They make them small enough to stow in your purse. Want a massive one? You can find big umbrellas too.

So today on February 10, 2010, we salute you, umbrella. *real american heeeeroooooes...* Show your appreciation for an umbrella today--buy it a card. Take it out to lunch. Maybe even drop it an email, just to say you care. Your umbrella is always there for you, unless someone totally steals it or something.


  1. People in Washington don't really use them. Weird. I know.

  2. I love umbrellas! We have one that has a flashlight built into the handle, which if you had a dog to walk on a raining night, would probably be very handy.

  3. google-fu is my new favorite word.

  4. I buy the ones at the dollar store and chuck them in the back seat... then take them inside and forget to take them out... then buy more at the dollar store.

    But they break easy, so I keep a relatively constant dozen.